Workout instructions display in second language? [Feature Request]

it would be great if the workout instructions were displayed in a second language (for me english/german), if available.

How so?

My English is not very good, especially I often don’t understand workout-specific terms in English without a google translator.

This way you could learn workout-specific terms in English better.

I suspect that there are not many German instructions at all, would it otherwise be possible to implement some kind of translator API?

Sure, the translation wouldn’t be perfect, but it would help a lot.

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I have great news for you! The team is actively working on incorporating a bunch of languages into our in-ride workout instructions. We’re just smoothing out the wrinkles and making sure everything runs as it should before releasing this feature, so we don’t have an ETA at the moment, but not to worry, its on the way!

I’m going to drop a note to the team that some athletes would like the ability to see two selected languages on the screen, to aid in learning a second language. :v: :sparkles:


thanks a lot, sounds good for me! :raised_hands:

This would be really great.
My english skills are horrible.
And misunderstanding an advice during workouts is really misleading😂


Yes, especially for technical workouts where you have to check muscle groups. ILT or the thing where you have to look on the Quadrants.

Hope, this idea would be good for more users here, didn’t know how many speak not native english!

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Hi Trainer Road
is it possible one day to read the instruction of the workout in different languages on android device like spanish, french, german, portuguese, etc etc… that will be cool to know what to do.


We have this enabled now! Check in with though to make sure both the app and your android settings are equipped and ready to display other languages. Cheers!