Workout description and instructions in german?

Hello everyone,

Me and my girlfriend are from germany and recently started using trainerroad. I use the macOS app and my partner is using the iPad version. I’m very confused about the available translations between the app on macOS, the iOS app and the website. Take the workout Carson for example:


  • UI: german
  • workout description: english

macOS app:

  • UI: german
  • workout description: german
  • instructions: german

iOS app:

  • UI: english
  • workout description: english
  • instructions: english

iOS app (beta):

  • UI: german
  • workout descriptions: english
  • instructions: english

Am I missing something, or am I doing something wrong?
Is there a way to get the german description and also the german in-workout instructions for the iOS App?
And why is the descriptionon the website only available in english, whilst it is in german in the macOS app?

Thx in advance,

An offer to the TrainerRoad team - I’m available for translation work English/German, drop me a line.

I would help to optimize the translation, too. But actually the translation is available but only on the macOS app…

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It should be available for windows desktop app as well, but you’re right in that the translations happen in a somewhat fragmented way, not all platforms get updated at one time. We’re working through the translations and will update as we go.

Its good that you’re on the beta iOS version, we wont update the older version of iOS app once this goes into production.
Thanks for your patience!

The Website is also a mixture of German and english😁

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