Wolf tooth Roadlink DM With GRX

I was having trouble running a wide range cassette on my GRX DI2 gravel bike. It is set up as a 2x drivetrain.
My local bike shop put on the roadlink DM, and I took the bike out for a quick spin and it seems to be working really well.
But then I went on the website and Wolftooth says the Roadlink DM is only for use with 1x GRX not supported for 2x , wondering why this is and if anyone has tried this?

What is the RD capacity?
With 1x you only need the capacity to match the cassette cog difference.
Example, 46 - 11 = 35.
With a 2x you need chainring difference plus cassette difference or you will have to avoid any gear combo that exceeds the chain length required to maintain tension for smaller cogs and accommodate the largest cog.
With a Shimano RD you can normally add 2T to the stated capacity as an achievable max.


I am running GRX 600 2x (46/30) with road link and a 11-42 cassette in the back. Works fine, but chain is long, the clutch mechanism helps however.

Still, a lot less issues then with SRAM Eagly GRX :smiley:

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