Wife is expecting in January and still want to race next year

So my wife and I are expecting in mid January and I’m trying to put together a training plan to still be able to race enduro next year. I’m currently about half way through the mid-volume general build and have been substituting outdoor weekend rides (road and mtb when weather permits) or skiing and also strength training twice a week. The first race I’m planning on doing is mid-May 2020. Below are two options I’m considering:

Option 1:
Finish mid-volume general build
Repeat mid-volume general build
Mid-volume Gravity Specialty

Option 2:
Finish mid-volume general build
Mid-volume Cyclecross specialty
Mid-volume Gravity Specialty

Does anyone think one of those options is better or might there be a better one?

I’m planning on taking 2 weeks off from work initially in January and then my month parental leave in March or April. Being fit is important to both my wife and I, and we’ve already discussed coordinating schedules so we both get to exercise. With that said, are the mid volumes maybe not realistic? It’s probably obvious that it’s our first kid…

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Check out the new Plan Builder:

I had twins this past January. That said, there will be two of you and only one baby. It should be a piece of cake :joy:As long as you and your wife communicate and coordinate, you should both be able to get your exercise. However, be prepared to reduce volume and/or miss a few workouts here and there due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t stress about it. Let it go and move on.

Lastly, let’s say you go w/MV. If time crunched on a particular day, select a shorter variant of the same workout (e.g., Baird +6 → Baird +4) Or you could go LV and if you have the time, select a longer variant of the same workout.

Bottom line, be flexible!


Seems like an excellent time to sacrifice volume and increase intensity.

I had my first last January. I planned on going down to low volume and keeping up with the plan. Next thing I know it was 7 months off the bike and struggling to keep myself showered and knowIng what day it was. Little guy does not believe in sleeping whatsoever. Then again, my buddy’s baby takes 3 hour naps so there’s that. Congrats man and enjoy every single second of it.

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

See how you go, some kids are harder than others, some sleep better. Help raise your kid, train if you can, the bike will still be there when you get back.

The first six months with both my kids were pretty rough.

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Thanks for the replies and advice everyone. Sounds like flexibility and keeping in mind what’s really important is key. I like the idea of just choosing a similar shorter duration workout when time is more restricted. That in combination with upping the intensity I think might allow me to meet some of my goals still.

KickrLin, thanks for the heads up on the Plan Builder. That sounds like an awesome feature they’re adding that could be really helpful for me.

Any opinion on whether repeating the general build vs doing a specialty next is better? I’ve been noticing more gains recently from the build program than I did from the specialty when I did that last spring.

The fact you are asking means I assume this is your first!!!

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