Help rescue my plan.....following baby

Hi all

Relatively strong and experienced rider, riding in the UK and currently a 2nd Cat. Started using Trainerroad early November

Completed SSBM2 and added a 2-300 Tss outdoor ride on top. Was definitely feeling stronger on the outdoor rides which for me at this time of year was great.

Then in early December baby no.3 rocked up and put the best laid plans in a right tailspin.
My plan was to hit BBMV2 followed by a crit speciality and hit April firing on all cylinders

As it’s baby no.3 I knew what was coming and was probably a little naive to think I could continue with a mid volume plan. So 6 weeks in since the birth and I’ve neglected the plan. I’ve still been training. 3-500 Tss some weeks, some weeks struggling to get on the bike at all. I am bloody tired to be fair and sleep is down to 4-5 hours per night at best. Finishing TR sessions is hard and I’m crashing and burning at the end of intervals.

I’m approaching the mid plan ramp test next week following the easy week but I wondered if this would be a good time to test, take stock and whilst I still want to hit April Crit ready, maybe alter my plan…or go back a couple of weeks

I fear that If I carry on as I am I’ll just not do myself justice and waste what time I have.

So here’s my plan with #2 on the way in a few weeks:

I’m putting a Low Volume Build (not sure General or Sustained Power yet) on the calendar once I finish SSBMV2 in a couple of weeks. I know MV is going to be too much with a new baby, and I feel like I can find 3.5 hours a week (maybe?) to ride. I don’t want the additional stress/pressure of trying to find 75-90-2hr blocks five times a week. I think that’d set me up for just missing workout after workout and eventually giving up, kind of what I think you’re experiencing.

I think we in this situation just have to dial back expectations. From a training stress standpoint, we might be able to handle MV+, but reality and life have to fit in there, and right now life is dictating that LV is where it’s at… if you can get through those three shorter workouts during the week, at worst you’re maintaining your capabilities much, much better than by doing zero or by cobbling together a half-assed MV plan IMO. And then maybe you get lucky some of those weeks and you can get an extra ride or trainer session in, and you just pick the workout you want to do whether it’s Pettit or Junction -1… whatever fits whenever it fits.

I think a LV plan with maybe an extra ride thrown in will also reduce your overall stress, which is necessary right now considering the lack of sleep. I know we’d all like to train like crazy all the time, but we gotta balance it. The races and fitness will still be there and come back when life allows.

FWIW, I came in to 2019 not expecting to do a single race event… didn’t want that pressure. But I know when some bike races and long rides are available so maybe I can get in when able, but I’m not planning for anything. This is also allowing me to take a year to kind of play around… maybe I’ll do short power build instead of sustained power, or maybe I’ll find a few crits to race instead of my normal triathlons and long rides. Mentally, I think relieving myself of that pressure has and will pay dividends in terms of a higher level of overall fitness coming out of baby-time than if I’d tried (and ultimately failed) to train like nothing changed.

My 2 cents…


@kurt.braeckel nailed it, do that. Don’t hang onto something that is unsustainable, you’ll just dig a deeper hole. Go LV and fit in where you can. If intervals aren’t doable, push the workout a day. If you’re already midway through the workout don’t bury yourself if you can’t recover due to baby responsibilities. Hang in there, you’re family will get into a routine and you find more time in the future.

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@kurt.braeckel @MI-XC thanks for the replies, That’s affirmed what I’ve been thinking actually.

Perhaps an approach where I can hit the LV and augment with my own additional workouts as and when would possibly give me a better state of mind.

I’ve been given the green light by the mrs to focus on one crit series, luckily there are crit races three nights a week locally.

I think I’ll hit the ramp test next week and then slide back into a LV plan and take the pressure off for now.

Best of luck with no.2 @kurt.braeckel :+1:


Congrats on the baby, first of all.

Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic goals that detract from what is arguably most important right now. If I were you, my goal for the season would be to maintain as much fitness as possible.

Since this is your third, you already know in what ways your wife and children need you, and what your schedule will probably look like. Perhaps there are ways where you can combine some form of training with spending time with your kids.

And perhaps being a bit more creative with your schedule may help. For example you could get a bike trailer for two and put your two oldest in there, and go for a spin with them. (I’m assuming they are still quite young.) Your wife will be thankful, you get some “almost alone time” while you spend time with your kids and do some sports.