Why Keegan is not racing XCO worlds?

I’m not from USA but just wondring why Keegan is not racing XCO worlds this weekend?

I’m obviously not Keegan, but I suspect it is two fold in that he’s focused on (and fatigued from?) some different races after missing the Olympic team. There may be a other emotional factors but only those close to him will know that for sure I guess.

I think it’s mostly he chose to have a crack at some races he’s eyed for a while that don’t usually fit (Leadville and Breck Epic obvious examples).

And the bonus question: how come that he isn’t qualified for the olympics?

Christopher Blevins was better.


Blevins just became a world champion, so major kudos for him.


The USA only had one slot to send a rider for the Olympics, and that selection criteria came down to the better placed rider in Nove Mesto this year, where Blevins placed higher.

Both riders are very accomplished and great humans and fun to support.