Why does my profile picture keep getting deleted?

I’ve uploaded a profile picture to this forum twice now – and both times it has been removed after a day or so. It is nothing offensive – just a selfie of me an my daughter riding bikes.

Has this happened to anyone else? Kind of annoying.

It happened to me the first time I uploaded a pic?.. the second attempt has stuck for a few days now.

Happening to me now. Anyone figure this out?

Mine too, I’m not even sure where its dragging this one in from!!

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I put mine back in my profile yesterday. Still there for the moment. Time will tell.

I’ve checked my hotmail, Garmin, Strava, Myfitnesspal, and have uploaded over this one that is currently displayed so I have no idea where its coming from :joy:

LOL. Is it at least you? Or some random stranger?

Actual lol, yes its me, its an older picture :relaxed:

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Too much flesh showing!

(Half joking)

Happened to me recently… was too lazy to fix it until I got back to work.

Happening to me too. Right now it’s a photo of me on a bike, but every time I change it, it defaults back to a pedal.

This sounds like a question to ask the Support Center. I’m lazy and haven’t changed my picture in a while. It hasn’t changed and by the comments here, it looks like I shouldn’t try to change it at the moment :slight_smile:.

Same for me, and can’t be bothered to keep messing around with it anymore!

And mine just disappeared again. Seems like a Discourse support topic more than a TrainerRoad support topic. Yet I don’t see a way in the forum into Discourse support. @Nate_Pearson any suggestions what we should do about this minor annoyance?

We’ll see what we can do. This would be a discourse issue but we can contact them. @larry can you look into this please?


Testing - No longer a bald cat…

From my own experience, I think it might be an issue with signing in using your TrainerRoad account.

When I started signing in with a username and password (which I managed to do by resetting my password then logging out and in), the problem seemed to go away.

That is, using the left hand side of this screen, not the “with TrainerRoad” button.

I can say that mine happened when I did this as well, logging in using a different browser. I thought I had my username and password, but I’m pretty sure that the first time I logged in, I did it using the “With TrainerRoad” button