Whoop HRV and RHR results are bad

So for the last 6 weeks my HRV has been on a steady decline (avg dropped from 60 to 30) and my RHR has been on a steady increase (+10). I am not sick and I feel fine (I am 60). Do I just take time off training altogether as even an easy week sees the trend continue. Note this is based on data captured by both Whoop and my Polar Vantage.

I don’t think you can draw conclusions based solely on HR tech. The big question is, “How do you feel.” If you feel fine and your performance isn’t declining, wait and see. If you dread riding and don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, a rest week probably makes sense. I’m 63, and the big HR indicator for me when I’m fatigued is that I can’t get my HR up during hard efforts. Also, a big increase (5-10 bpm) in RHR is a sign I need to back off. I don’t have a Whoop strap and have heard mixed reviews about its predictability.


Agree with @markaclausen33, HR tech is a tool that can be useful to better defining your overall picture. Plenty of days where my whoop score is trash but the legs feel fine. RHR going up a lot might be a bit of a red flag especially if it’s not going down on your off days and adaptation weeks.

Would also take a look at other factors, diet, alcohol consumption, sleep, work/life stressors, and maybe there are other pieces. In general I’d say a consistently rising RHR and lowering HRV aren’t great specifically when they don’t ‘reset’ during off days or easy weeks.

I would be concerned about something going on that’s not obvious, especially as two devices concur. Remember this is the autonomic nervous system so it’s not all about feeling ill/tired and other stuff you may notice. Like someone said I would look at sleep, stress, diet, alcohol for clues and other than that I would be inclined to digging a little deeper and getting some health checks done, see your doctor, perhaps get some blood tests done?

Good luck

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Do you have stress in your life? Nothing tanks my HRV like an extra helping of life stress.

Sorry, should have been more specific. I’m not looking at the Whoop scores as they are pretty irrelevant. After a period of good or bad results it just resets its benchmark. I’m looking specifically at HRV and RHR. I’m retired and no stressers. The data decline started when I started group riding 2 times a week (slow old people group). Increase of 4hrs/wk on the bike (up to 9hrs a week total) - thats it.

Did you get the vaccine around the time things started to decline? My HRV and RHR were pathetic for a month after I got the second dose.

No vaccination yet.

If you feel good, keep on trucking.

It could be reflecting the extra 4 hours of riding time. You went from 5 hours to 9 hours. That’s a big jump and fatigue will accumulate.

Are you taking any rest (easy) weeks?

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Here is my HR data captured by Whoop. No real sign of recovery even though I have had 2 full rest weeks in the last 7 weeks. I’m sleeping 8-9hrs a day. Diet hasn’t changed.

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What are the temperature and humidity like where you are? If they started ramping up over the last few weeks it could explain a shift in your resting HR. Could take your body a bit to adapt to it.

Plus, our ability to cope with heat gets compromised as we age. You might not be as adaptable to temperature changes as you once were.

We are approaching winter - and it’s mild rather than freezing.