Which plan to prepare for a long ride (30-70 miles/day for seven days)

Title says it all, I’m wondering how to approach using TrainerRoad a ride which lasts a week and averages 30-70 mostly flat miles per day: I have plenty of time to prepare for this coming from a novice level (ride is in September)


SSB or Trad Base if you can do 10-13+ hrs. Then Sustained build, then century specialty.

You could enter it into plan builder as a stage/multi-day race/event and see what it comes up with.

How novice are you? Make sure you practice eating and drinking on the bike if that’s not something that you’re already accustomed to!

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This might draw some criticism, but honestly, assuming you’re a cycling novice, just ride a lot outside. Get comfortable on the bike, find the right clothes, learn to fix a puncture. Find food that works for you for longer rides and learn how to drink enough whilst riding. Develop some fitness that way over the next two months, and then see if you want to add a low-volume TR plan to the mixture.


30-70 a day is actually pretty easy and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for it - continue with regular TR but adopt 1 z2 ride per week which you can slowly build up.

Perhaps have a goal such as 2 back-to-back 70 mile days by… July etc. Generally, base z2 rides on hours and not distance, you generally want to build up to 1 weekly 4 hour z2 ride.

Maybe even include some mid-week outdoor workouts, I suppose the easiest of which are doing the prescribed recovery rides outdoors.

The trick to long rides is comfort and nutrition. Ensure you fuel your long rides - A LOT of people don’t fuel on their weekly long ride as RPE is low, but you will just take longer to recover and may overall be a less productive as a consequence.

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While you can use TR, I’d just focus on riding twice on the weekends if you can afford the time.

If you’re able to do Saturday and Sunday like 60 miles and not be sore or beat up on Monday. You’ll be fine for the whole week.

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Thanks. I keep calling myself novice but that’s only because I have been riding a few years mostly indoors (Peloton initially followed by Zwift/TR) and don’t have a lot of long endurance experience. I am not brand new but hardly experienced. Good advice thanks.

350 miles in a week isn’t exactly easy for everyone

You are right, if you have no endurance, then that will feel hard.