Where to put stuff in a time trial?

Or any race, really. My skin suit has no pockets so I’d like somewhere aero and out-of-the-way to stash my car key (and perhaps a small multi-tool) during a time trial. I currently use the smallest saddle bag I could find but it doesn’t fit to the rails especially well as my saddle is all the way forward. Any other suggestions?

Perhaps a small, aero shaped top tube bag would be ok?.


Zipp, Profile and other brands make similar ones to the examples above.

Not a bad idea @mcneese.chad, though I’d have to deal with the shame of using a top-tube bag!

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I put my key in a small plastic bag (so electronics dont get covered in sweat) and attach it to a loop of string. Then have loop around my neck (like long necklace) under my skinsuit. Even if string broke (never happened) the key would stay in skinsuit!


If aerodynamics is a concern check out the Aero Tool Box Radsport Ibert is offering:


I thought about this. I’m hesitant as I’m a very sweaty person!

This is a super good idea, thanks @Thorstan!

Pretty much what @RobertSims has suggest but with tape rather than a string. You can tape the key to your body. Wherever it doesn’t bother you. Perhaps the inside of your arms bellow your jersey. Same concept with the multi tool but underneath your saddle.
Or alternatively use one of those child’s purses they wear around their necks. Basically a purse with a string attached. Something like that.

Tatonka Geldaufbewahrung Skin ID Pocket, https://www.amazon.de/dp/B000FSGR6S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_CywkFbZ3ZAHNT

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A bottle cage thing like this is probably more aero than a bag https://www.competitivecyclist.com/lezyne-flow-storage-adapter?skid=LED009X-BK-WITCO2&CMP_SKU=LED009X&MER=0406&CSPID=0914&mr:trackingCode=78D14E00-00E8-E811-8100-0050569428E8&mr:referralID=NA&mr:device=c&mr:adType=plaonline&mr:ad=302463856220&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:tid=pla-666881319078&mr:ploc=9016961&mr:iloc=&mr:store=&mr:filter=666881319078&CMP_ID=PLA_GOc014&CSPID=0914&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PLA&k_clickid=k_CjwKCAjwjqT5BRAPEiwAJlBuBVL0nChALNezm_3RlGleU02RNvRtG8gxemYhKElje4m39X8w7eOFXxoC3CQQAvD_BwE_k&gclid=CjwKCAjwjqT5BRAPEiwAJlBuBVL0nChALNezm_3RlGleU02RNvRtG8gxemYhKElje4m39X8w7eOFXxoC3CQQAvD_BwE

There are various ways to leave your key wtih your car: magnetic hidden box or a “lock box” like realators use on your trailer hitch etc


Lock box https://www.amazon.com/TOWOKE-Key-Lock-Box-Outside/dp/B07XX3R1ZF/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=lock+box&qid=1596548241&sr=8-6


I have a tiny pocket on the inside of the back of my Bioracer skinsuit underneath where the number goes. Just big enough for 1 tube, 1 CO2 cannister and a car key. Road racing there’s always the broomwagen and service car. Car key on a lanyard round my neck is all that’s needed.

Car key on a string round your neck for me.

I have seen them put in the tail of a helmet but I guess that depends on if the helmet has vent holes & how heavy the keys are.

Also seen them put inside a Nopinz number pocket (with the number) - if you have one on your skinsuit.

leave the keys on your car tire or in tire well.

If you’re wearing a skin suit you should not have a saddle bag of any kind!!! if you flat, flag a ride down back to the start.

ps love the handle, occasional. lol.

If you’re doing a time trial, may I presume you have a TT bike? Of course some (mostly triathlon-targeted) TT bikes come with a little extra storage these days, but for others there are after market storage boxes that give you a little space just above the rear wheel to put essentials.

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I do indeed. I looked into that sort of thing but couldn’t find anything to fit nicely on my old Isaac Joule :cry:

Car key on tyre. Phone and mini pump under skin suit, held in place via HR strap (placed out of the wind). Spare tube under seat.

Some helmets have a void in the rear of the helmet that will take a tube (and with the added benefit of keeping the helmet near the next to close any gap).