Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2023)

@WindWarrior that’s a sweet looking bike. I normally don’t prefer all-black bikes but this one is sweet.

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It’s not black! Had to look it up - Satin Teal Tint/Black/Light Silver. Looks a dark shade of blue and green in sunlight.

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OK, that’s even cooler!

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So much time for this colour way!

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Went out for a 4x10 on the local Hill. But the last interval was only 5 minutes. Went a bit hard on the first and a bit longer on the first. Fueling wasn’t great so overall was ok and hope I manage all 4 the next time.

View of the water vapor from the nuclear plant.

Just some view up the hill

Transport band for the Quarry that is on that hill.


My TT on the A46 was cancelled, and Im kinda glad. There’s a bit of a strong breeze this morning but there’s not a cloud in the sky, and whilst it started of fresh it soon warmed up. A day much more more suited to a group ride, it also meant I could watch the Vuelta live :sun_with_face:


Today was I did an endurance ride, which usually means a flatter route. Went to the lake Aegeri (Ägerisee) (around 30km) and went around it. Impressions:

Part of it went through a forest:

At the same time there was a beer hike going on. There were a lot of hikers with a to the pants clipped beer glass.

The ride felt quite good.

Summary: 80km, 620 meters of altitude, riding time 3h15.


An easy (fasted) spin on the bike this morning in Valencia. Any one recall my posting about frogs on the trails (and some roads) when I was in Switzerland? Well, I don’t know if it was the heavy rain yesterday or it’s the season, but today on the road it was crayfish. Swarms (herds?) of crayfish on the asphalt. Off to the side was a small agricultural canal, which I can only imagine is where they came from. The not-tiny guys were very defensive, unlike the frogs, and quickly put up their claws when even several meters away from them.

However, these guys were overmatched by the vehicular traffic. (I cannot report how they faired against bicycles.) The many living crayfish seen on the outbound at about 9a were not seen on the return about an hour later. The splotch in the foreground of the second picture hints at the carnage seen on the outbound and hints at the carnage seen on the return. Now, I also cannot report how many of the critters escaped off the side of the road or if most or all held their ground against insurmountable odds that were, in fact, not surmounted. I also did not see someone scooping these guys up into a pot.

25 miles with a whopping 278’ of ascent. Re running, my third day of post-covid running was yesterday with 3.2mi, which followed a 2mi run Tuesday, and a 0.5mi run last Saturday. Yesterday’s 3.2mi was, according to Garmin, “overreaching” despite holding the pace back and focusing on form, so maybe I need more easy time to recover from covid. Perhaps I’m smarter on the bike as the cycling remains focused on just spinning the legs and hr (though I did let that drift upward as I focused on keeping the legs spinning) and ignoring the power.

@WindWarrior I love Cambria. I haven’t been there in about 20yrs, though. Last century, I got to know the (original) owners of Fermentations and would stay at The Squibb House (then owned by Bruce Black, I think was his name) across the street. Fermentations was open late, so a party on the Squibb house porch could get fresh bottles across the street. Good times from a different – pre-Ironman – life. Enjoy.


What I want to know is if people were scooping the frogs into a pot!


Rode the 20 miles of the course on either side of Eureka, NV this morning on the TT bike. Getting ready to hop in the van and pre-drive the course. This route looks AWESOME, I can’t wait!


Getting back into long runs in Hyde Park routine


Nice! I’ve only visited Hyde Park once but it was quite impressive - very historic. How far was your run?

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Just 13km, which actually is about the same as my regular mid week run but it’s first in a 16week plan.

It does have a lot to see historically, but boy it was busy with runners - some huge groups too - one guy with his shirt off, two guys doing boxing pad work to rap music, there’s a distinctly American flavour coming over - not that that is a bad thing. Just different to last year.

Or maybe it’s the summer? I’m usually there AW and the weather is just turning here.

You have to enjoy the ancient pubs after a run in London :grin: :wink:

I expect it to be quieter next week, 14.5km to do.


That’s interesting. When I think Hyde Park, I think people sun bathing and old men shouting their platforms :rofl:

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Hyde Park > Regents everyday of the week IMHO.

Although, my watch (COROS pace 2) always hated when I ran or cycled in Central London!

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Love the last two pics - bierwandering and the wanderer :warning: sign!

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Second year doing the Nova Eroica California


Great route. Cambria is just below the southern end of the Big Sur coast and close to San Simeon and Hearst Castle.

We head south to Cayucos:

And then up Santa Rita Creek road which is mostly dirt but enough loose rock to make it mildly interesting

Followed by a gravel descent into Templeton

And back to houses and deer

Now we are in the Paso Robles wine region

Lunch stop

Then up Cypress Mountain. Both roads had a lot of damage from the heavy winter rains earlier in the year

Climbing with new friends

Photo opp at the top of Cypress Mountain

Look closely at the sign on the car! It describes the hell of the next half hour, before the road gets better on the run in to Cambria.

Lots of vintage bikes for the Eroica ride today:

One of 11 tandem Colnago bikes built for the 1980 Olympics


Nice! Beautiful area. Love that long descent at the finish.


I can feel my neck and braking muscles this morning! Just under an hour for the last descent.