Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2023)

I had originally planned the first outdoors ride on the TT bike before its first race of the season. On last night’s indoor workout the gear cable snapped. Before going to bed last night I think I’ve found a Campagnolo gear cable so instead of a trip to the lbs for a cable I did the ride on the road bike instead. Carter. It looked quite nice out and the phone said the temperature was good. I never really looked at the wind though. The local weather station recorded:


I was quite glad I wasn’t on the TT bike when the first gust hit!

The clothing choice of the short sleeved gabba and the bib shorts with knee warmers was spot on though :+1:

I went over the one of the only bumps near here as I didn’t want to be too far from home/ my laptop. Whilst that messed up my compliance / cadence a bit (especially as my front derailleur has seized on the 52t), I think I reasonably compliant elsewhere.


Similar wind here last night. Unfortunately I had to work on finishing a couple contracts, the usual rush to close business before the end of quarter.

And it was threatening to rain, again. Had been raining all morning and early afternoon.

Took a low intensity walk instead of trying to squeeze in a ride before the rain started:

Target was 99 TSS, settled for some low aerobic and lower load. Started raining just after we returned.


It’s Mud Season in Vermont! Yesterday was a beautiful spring day (50 degrees and actual blue sky), so I took a chunk of the afternoon off and was able to get my first real ride of the season in, if only a quick one. Super happy with my bike and general setup (Giant Revolt Advanced Pro, SRAM Force Mullet 1x) and the 700x50c Maxxis Ramblers did a great job on a very sloppy ride. Rode about 15 miles, with probably 75% of it mud.

Slight grade (like 3%), but it was so thick I had to hold 350 watts to go up it.

Soupy with frozen pond in the background.

Nice washboard section.

Extra soupy.

I’d expect another 4-6 weeks of this stuff, at least, so early season events in northern New England are likely to be pretty muddy.


Next time people are going on about how you don’t need 50mm tires for “gravel” I’m going to point them to this post :rofl:

I love Vermont (coming from Mass) but that’s alot of mud :exploding_head:


Haha, yep. It was slow going - averaged about 10.5 mph on a ride I usually go 16. That said, I got enough float from the 50c tires that I didn’t get once bogged down enough that I was forced to stop. They were especially good over some of the washboard sections (like the third pic) that can get incredibly annoying.


Day 1 of 3 at ‘Gravel Camp’ :rofl:

Cold, overcast and breezy makes for a less than ideal ride, but was good to get out, Felt great on the bike!


Pointed my bike into a fierce headwind and rain clouds

“Well I struggled through barbed wire felt the hail fall from above” - Bob Dylan

watched speed drop below 10mph more than a few times…

you start these 30s extremely over / recharge-at-all-cost unders thinking its going to go like this:

and then take a set break:

and finish strong with more of a ska / reggae vibe:


2 hours at 0.9 IF



Short mental health ride yesterday that wasn’t very flat, even if some pics make it look so. The great thing about these routes is 8% and below feels like a false flat, and 5% feels like an easy flat. Here, the main part of the climbing is behind me, with 6.5mi and over 1200’ of ascent done so far; most of the climbing is done just around the next corner (or two). Then it’s actually, not metaphorically, downhill, before a shortish uphill to get home.

There was gravel, rocky bits, hard dirt, and more classic forest trails.

Near the end, there’s this little climb that I shoot for 1k watts. I was on target but felt cocky and said hello (“grüezi mitenand”) in an easy voice to an elderly couple walking down as I was pushing it, which was a mistake as I wasn’t focused on shifting and breathing for the effort. My hr went beyond probably what it should have – like well beyond healthy and thinking I may have induced a cardiac event type of extreme. Well, I already have an appointment with my Dr next week to get a new health certificate for the 50k in Italy next month, so…

This morning was a run in a light drizzle, so Paisley, my 10+yr old puppy at home (who is starting to show his age while running and doesn’t like being out in the rain), stayed home. A few frogs were out. Most were on the sides of the trails, but this guy was in the middle, caught on video only because I was recording the birds and ducks and sights as I went around the pond. It was a flatish run with only 3.7mi and 300’ of ascent.


At gym. Do not have photos of that. Having done with dumbbells, barbell. Want to do tomorrow warm up with dumbbells again. I read in the article how to train like a real athlete(more here: https://betterme.world/articles/athlete-workout-plan-how-to-train-like-a-pro/)and I am actually impressed. I tried it and it turned out to be a real challenge for me, especially on the second day when I needed to pump up the general strength. :sweat_smile:

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Not an outside ride, obviously, but a Zwift group ride is as close as I get and this effort needs some love. A couple of PRs (Epic KOM and Alpe du Zwift) and 1hr23m at 98% of FTP (26:37 and 56:31)

Tired now.


:mechanical_arm: :partying_face:

High IF group rides and workouts always have me waking up the next day with legs barking. And I’m suppose to do some decent time at tempo this afternoon LOL. @Helvellyn some nice blips above 400W on the Zwift power distribution, those hurt, nice job!


My first TT race of the season is tomorrow and this season I am trying ‘openers’. So given I haven’t rode the TT bike outdoors this year I thought I’d better. Despite a stupidly strong wind and me being slight I was pretty happy with how it handled albeit it was all in the small chainring and with my 35mm road wheel. I do need to sort out the rear brake though its not springing back fully and the rear dropouts are a little worn making it worse under load. Given it was so comfortable to handle, however I might keep that wheel rather than using the 62.5mm Hadron :neutral_face:

I was probably a wee bit light on the power being in the small ring but given tomorrow’s TT I’m not too concerned.

I timed it right though, a minute after I was back the nice dry roads disappeared.


saw your Strava this morning and thought you rode in the rain, happy to see it happened AFTER.


Day 2 of ‘Gravel Camp’

Cold start with temps in the mid 20’s. Warmed up nicely though and was a great day with great friends.


Left home at 6:15 am,beautiful.


First TT of the season for me down on the F15/10 at Bogborough, Near Milton Keynes. Given the forecast I decided to go with the shallower rim. It was supposed to settle down :neutral_face: I guess it didnt :joy:

27.1mph out for 202w and 22.1mph back for 256w. Can you tell which way the wind was blowing. OT 24.26 :joy:

A bit too much tempo on the way out but at least it meant I had something for the return :joy:

Edit: I forgot to include the photo of my main driver which I had already took a few bites out of :joy:


Nice! That was like the wind here earlier this week, going down an overpass I usually exceed 30mph and into the wind was only doing 20mph :joy:


3rd and final day of ‘Gravel Camp’
300 miles in 3 days. 18,500 ft of elevation gain. Great times! Feeling good and ready to crush my A event next month!


Not yet mud season in Colorado! But when it starts, it will last a while given the amount of snow we’ve gotten.

I have a MTB race on the calendar for early May, and there’s no chance of riding MTB here in the mountains before then. I’ll need to head west to the desert for a warmup ride before the race, and get my head in the game for rocky, sandy desert riding.


Its synced to TR so it must have been a workout today.

Out to Elton to meet some mates. That was dry, despite the forecast. I was also expecting a strong headwind after yesterday but had turned to a tailwind. Given that I had raced yesterday I was glad or it. In the 5mins I was waiting though the rain started. Given the forecast I expected an hour of light stuff. We cut over the hard packed bridleway to Bullock Road then followed more hard packed bridleways east of the A1, then cut through a grassed one to Holly Lodge. And no, we got 2hours of heavy stuff.

After the Lodge, one of my mates said he was going back by road rather than soggy grass. I was in two minds at first but it was still raining and given my vision through the glasses was pretty poor before the cafe, I decided to chum him. We went north east through Winwick and Thurning to Barnwell. Apart from being wet that was too bad as it was more of a cross wind. The bit after that through Oundle to Wansford was a block headwind though. It finally stopped raining about 20mins before his house. After leaving him I doubled back to Elton and got a bit of a tailwind before turning back into it on route to Peterborough.