Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2023)

Right there with you…

This week I’m restarting training after some reduced riding to rehab a weird thumb/elbow issue.

Strava has my cycling at 15.7 hours this month, so again, I’m right there with ya.

Last night wasn’t too shabby:

Started hot, got some delta breeze, cooled a bit. The 20-second power surges / accelerations / sprints were fun, that last one I was on a 35mph road and the sprint topped out at 32mph / 51kph about a half mile before a red light. Turned and looked to my left at a surprised driver :eyes: :grin:

One of those rare times when I only got stopped by 1 traffic light, and it was short:


Also, got some easy aerobic work during Monday morning tropical storm cleanup:

About 75 minutes of raking up dead coastal redwood branches from the backyard, frontyard, and road. Perfect thing to do on the Monday morning work sync call!!!