Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022)

Most folk probably know but it was an impromptu bank holiday in the UK today as a result my rest day got canned. So I ended up in a pretty intense 4 up this morning from Yaxley to Grantham Water and back. The whole thing was an IF of 0.72 for the 2.5 hours but the 0.77 IF for the last hour into a headwind killed me :joy:


Yes, thanks for hoping. I did a 53km trail race three months later. However, I do believe I’ve had a lingering side effect: weight gain. Until then, I had been consistently at 79kg / 174lbs give or take a kilo / couple of pounds, but after recovering, I steadily gained fat even as I cranked up the training that year and the following (in those two years: 5 ultras, 4 half IMs, LCW Wales long course, another marathon, and 3 IMs). I’m now struggling to break 89kg (198) and linger closer to 90kg (200). Something more than age changed. Apparently, my body wants pillows not muscle as protection should I fall again :man_shrugging:


Hmm, I can’t get my maps app to give me a route to drive there… and Salt Lake City is only a 9 hour drive from here!

This “Tour of the California Alps” ride is comparable, and only a 2 hour drive from where I live:


Yes, I updated the Strava weight to show actual at time of the event six years ago. That is a recent FTP but I used VAM and HR to compare with last week’s HC climb and my FTP back then was roughly the same as now.

Yes, that makes most of those climbs at 2W/kg or roughly 70% intensity factor. Clydesdale climbing :joy:

Yes, I would love to have Swiss climbs out my door!


On and off rain today. Thankfully there was a 90-120 minute rain-free window starting at 5pm.

Heading west on the outbound:

And on the return there were threatening clouds towards home:

About 1 minute from home the rain :cloud_with_rain: started coming down hard! Perfect timing!


rode in honor of my mother-in-law, she would have been 78 today. Then out for a family dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Carolyn lived large and is off to that great gig in the sky…

Theme song:


Yesterday morning was a short pre-dawn ride on the trail. Despite getting up early (4:50) to get in a longer ride before home by 6:15, little things conspired to allow me <30min of riding. I put on a Rene Hearse Juniper Ridge tire on the rear to replace my go-to balding & losing traction WTB Venture to try a new thing. But, I needed another 2oz of sealant to hold air (I’ve found that I need to dump in 4oz each time I mount a tubeless tire, and yet I only put in 2oz the night before thinking “this time will be different”…) And then the power meter acted up, again, among other issues. So it was a quickie on the trail yesterday with some bumpy single track for a whopping 4mi and a reasonably flat 400’ of climbing in 25min. I chalked it up to making the sure the tire was settled in. And then, 2.5mi in and on the first use of the brakes on the ride, I remember that I also changed the rear pads the night before and those need some breaking in…

This morning wasn’t a ride, though I meant it to be. Again, the plan was up at 4:50 for a decent ride. However, since the dog’s last walk was hours earlier than normal, I figure he probably needs to get out, so we went for a run. I was just barely over 5k (and 450’ of ascent), and I’m still a long ways off from regular 10k forest runs, but it was the fastest go this year and felt great (the pace isn’t remotely near to my former “easy” pace, but it’s progress). But that’s not the point. The point of sharing that is the sled dogs are training in the forest again. The temp was about 7ºC (mid-40s F) at best, and probably the last day to wear shorts on a predawn run, so the sled dogs were out and training.

The GoPro doesn’t do well with low light and I didn’t have my iPhone with me, so apologies for the low quality pic. We met at a junction, with me going the way he came and he the way I came. I moved off to the side because of my dog so he and his dogs could go, hence the distance. I’ve previously shared pics / vids of riding along with this team. Anyway…

When I read this, without my glasses or contacts, early this morning, I read “rode in HORROR of my mother-in-law” and laughed wondering the rest of the story, only to reread it and feel ashamed for laughing. Thanks for the guilt, @WindWarrior. Sorry for your and your wife’s loss.


lol, no worries. Actually my sister-in-law’s mom, but she was a grandma to my kids.

The woman was a saint, the last 10 years or so she took care of crack babies. The state of CA would take custody while trying to get the addict mothers off drugs (heroin, crack, meth, etc). And then people like Carolyn would take the babies in, help get the babies thru initial detox, give them love and attention, until their destiny was decided. She was a saint :angel: RIP


I enjoyed that ride tonight. It was the same paceline route as last week but the wind was light (circa 8mph), completely the opposite direction, so finishing with a tailwind and the small group of 3 was nice and smooth. I like cause often I can drop back after my turn and match pace and slot in smoothly without needing to waste energy :+1: The old wheel Im using altough a lot heavier with 28mm winter tyres is nice and quiet too. For the paceline its nice stats 33miles at 22.5mph and IF of 0.80


From a ride including Flagline trail here in Bend.

We were supposed to race on this coming Saturday :cry: but it got cancelled because firefighters working on a fire nearby need the trailheads to stage their stuff. It happens. I’ll race Ring of Fire next year.


Short & easy on the trail this morning on the gravel bike (of course). I saw the sled dogs yesterday when I was running with my hound (see above) so I didn’t expect to see them this morning. Alas, they were there. I caught them soon after they unloaded. The rig / sled / chariot / carriage was standing solo with the lines laid out while the musher / driver / human was taking the four dogs for a quick walk to do their business before getting on to their 7-8km run (the driver and I talked today…), a start of the season easy workout for them. Temp was about 40F / 5C, which is good for them, he said. Yesterday was about 6C.

Also spotted was a badger. I slowed to pull out my GoPro (too brief of a ride to put on the chest harness) and filmed the not-so-little guy running away from me. He had been coming up the trail, turned and ran, paused as I slowed and wanted to come toward me, then continued down the trail.

The still from the video is quite bad, but still, the dude is there making his turn to continue down the trail. We continued down the trail with me on my front brake with my left holding the gopro with the right for another 30s as he looked for a bailout from the trail. He finally did. (No frogs today, I think that season has passed.)


My mom has a “pet” Great Blue Heron. Her house is on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. All kinds of birds land on the seawall and/or dock. She started throwing fish scraps to the heron and it kept coming back. No, she doesn’t feed it anymore but it comes back regularly. If anyone other than her approaches, it flies off.


Rain storm going to take out most of the day, so went out early in the neighborhood to do hill repeats.

I live on a stout little hill that takes about 6-7 minutes top to bottom depending on how hard one hits it. Rather than doing a 180 and heading right back down, can continue on to a parallel road and do loops. It’s about 6-7 min up and then about 5 min to get back around to the bottom of the hill. Can also press on at the top and turn things into an 8 min effort. Handy to have this terrain right off the driveway!

Scenery is normally nice, but a gray day so no photos. Instead, here are some WKO5 screens:


Watts (The long zero segment is when I stopped to chat with a neighbor.)

Intensity (I just think this is a cool plot)

% VO2max. Accuracy = who knows. But looks close to 100% and that makes me feel good

Four repeats today. Looking to get to a point where 6 per session feels good. I was fairly beat after the 4th today. But pressing on with one threshold and one VO2max day per week on top of my Z2/Tempo rides.


Even when I think the model is well fed, on hard efforts above threshold I see negative dFRC just like in your chart. Thought you might be interested in some color commentary on an unfed model, so here goes…

Yesterday I did 2+ hours with a 1x30 minutes at the tempo/threshold border, ended up around 91% of my estimated FTP (272) at the heart rate I see with something like Tallac’s 15 minutes around 90% FTP. My power-to-HR is usually very stable and reliable, and offers a good confirmation of my estimated FTP.

Guess we can call it sweet spot, my coach assigned 90% upper tempo to signal its ok to go a little lower based on how I felt. He reserves the term sweet spot for intervals at 92% :joy: I prefer to think in terms of intensity domains. This was in the upper end of the heavy domain and my HR/vo2 appeared to stabilize nicely :+1: for my first long effort since spring. No issues at all with muscular endurance, particularly because last week I did an HC climb last week at endurance and low-cadence (that’s how it works for me).

The long tempo/SS was sandwiched between a long warmup at 68%, and after the interval a nice 70% endurance pace with 3 accelerations at the end:

and one view in WKO, with an unfed model:

On the lower chart you can see the workout caused the model to bump mFTP from 244 to 247, and I’ve manually left FTP at 272 for most of the year. Without good data, the model has my FRC at 9.5kJ when in fact it is likely closer to 18-22kJ.

An unfed model makes the top 2 charts unreliable, along with stuff like awarding me 28 minutes above 85% vo2max. Back in March the model was well fed, and 30 minutes at 91-92% ftp resulted in 81% relative vo2max and only 30 seconds above 85%.

However the lower chart does not directly use the model (except for the red curve which you can hide/ignore), and it shows the workout generated some 90 day power PRs, as I haven’t been doing much work at those durations before last week.


Have not played with dFRC much. I understand the very basics of what it is meant to show.

Here is a chart from a couple days ago with a 1x20 effort. Average roughly 95% of FTP. Terrain here has a lot of ups and downs. This particular 20 min segment is mostly uphill but with some sharp ups and downs, a turn or two at intersections. If I want to do smooth power have to use a different course. I’m not worried about keeping power tight in a band right now.

Actually, this 20 min effort from Tuesday, and the harder / shorter efforts today are all just meant to get my brain back into “training” mode. So far, so good. But it’s the cold months I’m worried about (trainer). Riding outside has been very enjoyable.

I like this “energy impact” graph. Here is the ride with the 20 min:


It looks cool, but requires a well fed model. On that high tempo effort yesterday it gave me a 9 anaerobic and a 6 aerobic, and the power is basically all color coded blue (aerobic). Again, an artifact of an unfed model.

I’ve found the Garmin / Firstbeat training effect metric, here is the one from yesterday:

to be far more reliable and offer some decent predictive power when feeding that into a 21 day moving average (chart by Kolie Moore, discussed on one of his podcasts).


If you don’t mind sharing… What trail is this?


I’m happy to share. It is at different spots along Middle Flagline in Bend Oregon.

I put a few more picts in this thread : Anyone doing High Cascade 100 in 2020? - #62 by asteryx


I seem to have fallen into a pattern here. Ride bike. Drink beer. Best time of year to ride. Just beautiful.


where is that?

Steamboat Springs, CO

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