Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022)

Big Gravel ride today!
There is a racing series, where local experts plan a Gravel Route between 150-250k, and everyone can ride it and score points on a leaderboard.
The series hasn’t started for this year, but since I don’t plan on participating, I just went at it today, since I was in the area.

The huge (miles in diameter) gravel pit was very spectacular!


What are those concrete (?) things in front of the silos?

@mountainrunner yes, love that site! Here’s a link comparing my old gearing to new. Same top end but drastically improved lower end for climbing.


The chimneys? I’m not sure what you are referring to.

This stuff

:sweat_smile: - those are freshly plowed fields with dry soil.
German accuracy :wink:



I met some mates in a village west of Peterborough and took tracks/paths to the eastside. The sun was coming out so after I left them in Nassington (another village west of Peterborough) I looped round by Yarwell Mill. I like the cafe there. The service is a bit slow but it’s a good selection fora tiny place, its in a good location and at all time you can be within a metre of your bike even at the counter :+1:

I really should clean the bike but I am watching some wildlife programme.


I love watching wildlife programs!


70 mile mixed road + gravel race (for the fast guys) / ride (for me). First time I had to pin numbers to my shirt - I now understand why people complain about that.

I saw a bunch of flats on the first gravel descent section - not sure why so many - although a common theme seemed to be skinny tires. I guess some people racing were rolling the dice to try be faster on the road sections.

It’s starting to feel like summer :sunglasses:


Video was so cool, @mountainrunner! What a beautiful ride. Love the horse and dog combo. They looked totally relaxed about having the bike come by. Thanks for sharing that!

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Thank you for saving the turtle! awwwwwww.


Wife told me I should go for a bike ride while the baby is napping. No need to tell me twice!


Went for a ride around Trollhättan and Vänersborg in Sweden


Felt like summer already. Windy and warm ride. A snake was out and crossing the trail. Just taking his time. I guess he knew he had the right of way.

Nice views at the top.


Saw 3 copperheads this morning while out on a 1 hour easy mtb ride. When you see that many snakes, every stick starts to look like a snake! Sugar Land, Texas.


Warmest day of the year today so fairly early start…

3hr z2 on the cards but as the ride went on I just found myself crusing at higher power and gradually moved from mid z2 to low z3 steady power across the 3hrs. Was feeling pretty good for the final leg home so finished with a solid SST effort as I always like to raise the effort for the final ‘sprint’ home if I dont have a hard session the next day. Noticeable HR increase in the last third of the ride as the temps rose - quite unusually warm for this time of year in the UK.

Hope the weather continues for the next few weeks as I have some big 100-130 mile rides in the next few weeks leading up to my first A event.