Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

Since I posted my first legitimate outside FTP test on the cargo bike (with eggs - What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2) - #1576 by mackeenj), I have done two more, each improving on the last. So that’s a good sign!

On Monday, I completed a Kolie Moore inspired outside FTP test where I extended my TTE from 35 minutes to 41 and increased the power from 304 to 310. Had my two boys (ages 4 and 1) on board the cargo bike and they just slept! :rofl:

Pictures aren’t great because the wind shield keeps me from getting a good shot of the passengers. Plus I was pretty spent (obviously!) and didn’t think to take many pictures.

Oh, and it’s a personal best FTP and w/kg. :grin::grin::grin:


First time trying intervals outside. Probably wasn’t the best course for short shorts but it was great to be outside


An easy ride that started at 5a today with deer and mice but no badgers or frogs. I was tired from yesterday morning’s strength workout (also about 5a) and last night’s VO2max (Spencer-3) workout (that finished less than 7hrs before I rolled out this morning). I don’t set an alarm for these morning rides. I mean, I do have an alarm on my watch set for 5:50a, but that’s the emergency-you’ve-slept-in slash reminder-of-what-time-it is when I’m out on a run or in the saddle. Ordinarily, I’d have rested and just taken the dog for a walk but the forecast includes a “significant danger” wind warning (the next and only level above is “great danger”) that starts today and went through tomorrow night (“went” because checking now I see it now ends tomorrow at 6a).

So, a cruise to enjoy the sights and sounds and peacefulness. I had the GoPro ready to capture the badger but of course he wasn’t around. I did see more deer than usual, including some that were lounging and one that crossed my path fairly close but disappeared before I could get the GoPro out (thigh pocket, Rapha cargo winter bib).

A nice way to spend a morning.

Here’s a selfie:

And an “action” shot:


Lamarck was on the schedule, so I did it as an outdoor ride. Does that mean it should be here or “what workout did you do today”?

Larmarck is 4x10’ but I did it as 1x30 and 1x10’. The 30’ was on the same segment I did six days ago doing Darwin. Then I dropped a minute of the Strava segment to move into 5th. Today, I cut 27s off that (to 31:37) by focusing on the prescribed power output. I need another 5s to move to 4th.

I was going for a road ride tomorrow, but there’s a dangerous wind warning starting at 10a (a warning that includes an advisory to stay out of the forest). And then Sunday, the temperatures drop and snow and rain is forecast for the week ahead. Super.


First club ride in ages for me today. Surprisingly only me and another mate turned up. For some bizarre reason Scottish Cycling have said club rides have to stay in the county whereas the government guidance say informal rides can go out of the county. I think that put most folk off and they did informal rides outside the county.
The Ochil Hills looked immense but a photo from inside the county didn’t do them justice.

A mate who did a solo ride just outside the county captured this pic of the same hills.

Quite pleased with the stats though and the way I was climbing :+1:


Solo effort against the wind for an hour and 20 minutes. Then the return leg. Man alive! Night and day in terms of effort.


28 Below Fat Bike Race. 30 miles of snow, ice, mud, gravel and fun.


4 hour workout today, windy so I had some climbing simulation while getting a good look at all the vineyards converting to more profitable crops:

Look closely and you can see one of our local HC climbs in the distance.

Meanwhile while taking that pic a turkey vulture flew just a few feet over my head and landed up and to the right and joined his buddies eating lunch:

Wasn’t feeling great today but went out and did 6.5 hours within 24 hours. Near the end, after 2000kJ, did a really short sprint and hit 1000+ on 6-seconds.


What will replace them? Seems such a shame. I’d love to ride past vineyards :+1:

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Local Reliability Ride route. The wind was brutal at times today and I had nobody to share the work with. Fuelled well though and felt fine at the end. #checktheweatherforcast


Gorgeous March weather. Spent all day outside. 100 miles and 7k+ ft of gain!



Some are replacing with new vines, as in the pic. Some are putting in walnut trees.


Winter is coming… or Fool’s Spring… something like that. Friday’s sunset ride in clear weather is contrasted with today’s late departure (1p because I was bored… teenagers were doing their own thing, wife wasn’t well so she was doing her own thing, and yes I made sure she had everything / anything she might want before asking permission to leave…), both starts were unusually late for me. Today, the temp was around 0C, with sometimes very strong wind dropping it lower, with alternating snow (sometimes coming straight down, sometimes sideways), sleet (always sideways), or light rain (rare). Not surprisingly, for here at least, a good number of walkers on the trails, but only one horse, two gravel bikes, and two runners. My goal was to keep it easy, below 200w if not closer to 150w whenever possible. I did a bit of exploring, going down a new trail that I won’t waste my time on again, plus some necessary but unintended pavement time on roads between trails. Auto traffic was extremely light, fortunately, because the tarmac also meant exposure to the 20-30mph side wind. In general, it was a fine time in the saddle and mission accomplished in terms of keeping it easy.

Nice shots along the river. The haze in the first pic is snow, something that is more clear in the second.

And, for @jmt, a frog sign. Here, the road is closed to vehicular traffic from 7p-7a.


Out today to Doune with a bloke I’ve not seen for ages. I had forgotten how strong he was. I had yesterday in my legs but that’s not really an excuse. I did about 2hours at 84% with him taking turns. Then bang my legs went and I ended up chasing him and sitting on his wheel when I could. He was sitting up and riding no handed :joy:

He left me near the foot of Knockhill as it’s close to his home. Lol, you can see my power drop when he left :joy:


Colorado snowpocalypse. I had to ride mainly on the roads, as there was too much snow anywhere else to ride. I don’t like riding on the roads, but thankfully there weren’t too many cars out.


Your first picture played tricks on my eyes.

I thought the leaf closest to the lens was a hawk and the brown left was a bear on the shore line. For a moment, I thought you’d captured a moment of natures magic.


No joke — those Swiss frogs fascinate the heck out of me!!! They must have some special adaptations that help them withstand that snow, right? I love how the Swiss protect them. Reminds me of Davis, Ca. They tried to build a frog tunnel.

Looks like a beautiful ride @mountainrunner. Makes me feel very wimpy for complaining when it’s “cold” in California. I sure love seeing the beautiful scenery you have.


I thought it was a bear too!!


Now that you mention it… No such luck or… fortunately not (on the former). I doubt there have been bears in these woods or anywhere near for at least a century. That’s one of the nice things about these woods: there’s nothing that wants to eat me (as far as I know… ignorance is bliss… now there was that wolf sighting 3 years ago…) Now as for the hawk (red-tailed, I think), those aren’t uncommon. On this ride, in fact, I was within 10m of one during a segment on wind-exposed tarmac. He moved off his prey because of an oncoming car on a small two-lane road. I thought about grabbing my gopro for a shot as he flew over across my path to the right and I was certain he was going to circle back to my left but the wind was strong with horizontal sleet pelting me from the left so I didn’t want to take a hand off the bars.


I took the day off to ride with a mate I’ve not seen since last Jan. Typically yesterday was glorious and today was forecast grey. Fortunately when I woke up they had revised the forecast to grey quickly burning off and if anything it was better than yesterday :sun_with_face: warm and lighter to zero wind​:+1: I did a ride with him in the morning but it was so nice when I got back I decided to take the long way round temporary traffic signals. I then decided to head to where I’d walked a few days ago for a great view. I then went to the town centre for a view. Then I went to a local hill that has great view but Ive never stopped to take a photo. After that I ended up stopping frequently to take pics.

I did do some riding honest I have the stats to prove it. If it’s not on Strava :wink:

Although it does look like I was indulging in Stravart :thinking: