Where did you ride OUTSIDE today? (2019 & 2020)

I could be wrong but I think strava cqlculates autopause independent of the garmin/wahoo on 0mph. My Garmin is set to auto pause below 4mph. I think strava still runs for a few secs until its 0mph. If there’s a ride with no stops like a TT garmin and Strava are identical :thinking:

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More base miles for me and helping my newer buddy get around in the winds with a draft. Also, I don’t drink enough and today it was really apparent


Today was rather overcast when I headed out the door. By the time I’d finished the main trail down the hill there was a small creek racing me down.
PR up the hill and parts of the run down.

Time out at the trail head while the lightning subsided. Then a quick sprint home.
Head to toe muck so ended up hosing myself off along with the bike. :rofl: splashing in muddy puddles never gets old.

Bonus pic for the nature lovers out there. Not part of the ride as such but worth sharing.
The skimmer box was making a funny noise as I was leaving for my ride. 7ft plus coiled up in the basket got the heart going.


Just been for a very muddy and very, very, windy blast on the fat bike. So windy I ended up walking part of a Strava segment that I’m top ten on! It’s now chucking it down :unamused: Total of 26km with 620m of ascent.



Our training ride was cancelled today so we went for what was billed as an ‘easier’ ride down to East Northamptonshire :roll_eyes::joy: Before we got there a mates left crank arm came off and off again once reattached. He thinks it was because the plastic cap came off. I don’t, I’ve lost that cap a few times and never had a crank arm come off. I think it’s more likely the clamp bolts have failed. Oh well.
We then went back to another’s mates house, with him pedaling one footed, to get him another bike.
We got a wee bit further and another mate started to blow. We kept on easying up for him but he decided after a bit to call it a day.
It was a bit of a Mystery tour after that :+1:


Finished up week 1 of traditional base outside trying to ride with minimal coasting and minimal efforts. I did give it a 6 minute run at 250 on a longer flat which is tempo, and a few mini sprints as seen in something like Mokelumne which I had scheduled for tomorrow instead of another Fletcher. Had to stop for some photos, beautiful time of year



White Rim in a day - a ride through Canyonlands.

We started in the dark. The handlebar bag had a 3L bladder. With another 3L bladder in my pack, the bottle, plus a can of Coke, this made for 7L total of fluids. I drank it all.

We hit the Mineral Bottom switchbacks at dawn.

As the sun started to peek over the horizon, we could tell this was going to be a spectacular day. .

The Green River at dawn.

It was right around freezing until the sun came up. Then it started to warm up nicely

The rest of the day had views of canyons everywhere you looked

Anyone fancy a climb after 90miles? The Shafer Road climb back out of the canyon.

And of course the recovery shake after the ride from the local brewery.

100 miles of canyons and desert. Epic!


Autumn cruise in Chicago forest preserve🤘


Rampart Reservoir, fun with friends!



A relaxed ride up to Stamford/ Rutland for me today.

I upped it a little when i left the group.

I need to clean the bike but the Giro is on :joy:


Next step is getting him started on indoor structured rides!

Jokes aside, I wish my family took me on bike rides. Looks like a blast.

Iowa Wind And Rock

342 mile, single stage, 34 hour cut-off, gravel and dirt road self-supported race.

I DNF’d at mile 200 after what I believe was a poor clothing choice at mile 182(adding a second layer of tights put too much pressure and tension on my knee, causing pain)


What gorgeous pictures! Looks like an amazing ride!

Fall looks amazing there! So pretty!

Headed out to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson for my Leavitt +2 today - this was my first attempt at a structured outdoor workout. I thought it was a relatively steady gradient but my 10s average power was still kinda jumpy. Probably means I need to work on my pedal stroke, ERG mode has spoiled me :sweat:


Many of the rides in Moab have great scenery. White Rim is pretty special though.

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Yeah - I’m making an effort to find an activity I can do with my kids. I can’t run, hike, ski or play ball sports any more due to an ankle injury, so riding is it. We’re going to Moab again in a couple of weeks for a family trip. My kids get a big ego boost from riding the trails there (like me I guess) :rofl: