Wheels - Deep Section Upgrade


I’ve got Roval C38s and looking to get some deeper section wheels maybe Reynolds AR 58/62 X. Will I see much difference in performance or am I better spending my cash on other things.

Also anyone got any input on how much difference I would see in crosswinds



No, you will not see much difference in performance. But you will look faster. If that motivates you to train more, then it’s a good investment.


No. At the right cross wind angle, it’s 4-5w @ 30mph

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Seems about right for 30km/h.

At 30mph, or 48km/h, the drag reduction should go up significantly.

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I think I want a set to go the other way. My Giant Revolt Pro came with some deep wheels that I’m happy with except when the wind is ripping like it was Wednesday. I was getting blown around and not fun on gravel. I’m thinking about building a set better for wind. May not look as fast or be as aero but it might keep me from bouncing on the gravel. Road rash sucks!


I was looking at Enves 3.4 v 5.6 marketing info.

40-60mm is pretty incremental.

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I just got a set of wheels built up by FARSports (chinese brand) for my track bike. They have DTSwiss hubs then I spec’d the rims and spokes from them. Was a great price and for the few times I have used them so far they seem a awesome bargin.
They have 2 sites, one with premade stuff and one that you built the wheels.
My next road set will be from them.

If you have a look at Hambini’s aero wheel tests, there’s quite a big jump in watt savings when you get to 60mm, and relatively small differences between vendors. I’ve got some 65mm light bicycles…sound like kites, but I think in my racing year last season there was only one occasion when affairs got dodgy. (I live on the west coast of New Zealand, so we see plenty of wind…) That was on a day when it was blowing 40 kph, and on a stretch where we were going fast descending along a ridge atop a hill, and things got squirrelly, Did make me think about getting a 40mm f=to run a mullet on the windy days, but really…that was a full-on day. The newer rim shapes, widths and tyres are so much nicer handling than the old V-shaped ones. I have less than fond memories of a wet and wild race on a pair of Reynolds 46mms with skinny tubs on…they were fast, but if you thought about farting in the wrong direction on the wrong day they’d try and kill you.

If they’re for racing, I’d say go as deep as you feel comfortable.

I run 70mm/80mm (F/R) in all conditions, it’s only ever flat or rolling terrain where I live. I’ve found them no worse in gusty conditions than 50mm Hunt wheels. They definitely look faster :smiley: Are they actually faster? Probably.