Wheels - Deep Section Upgrade


I’ve got Roval C38s and looking to get some deeper section wheels maybe Reynolds AR 58/62 X. Will I see much difference in performance or am I better spending my cash on other things.

Also anyone got any input on how much difference I would see in crosswinds



No, you will not see much difference in performance. But you will look faster. If that motivates you to train more, then it’s a good investment.


No. At the right cross wind angle, it’s 4-5w @ 30mph

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Seems about right for 30km/h.

At 30mph, or 48km/h, the drag reduction should go up significantly.

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I think I want a set to go the other way. My Giant Revolt Pro came with some deep wheels that I’m happy with except when the wind is ripping like it was Wednesday. I was getting blown around and not fun on gravel. I’m thinking about building a set better for wind. May not look as fast or be as aero but it might keep me from bouncing on the gravel. Road rash sucks!


I was looking at Enves 3.4 v 5.6 marketing info.

40-60mm is pretty incremental.

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I don’t have much to add other than I have the 58/62X and I like them very much :man_shrugging:

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