What's your favorite charity cycling event?

This year will be my 7th year participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. In a normal year we would ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls Canada. This year their motto is “It’s not where. It’s why.” I am using TrainerRoad to prepare for a 160km day one and a 140km day two.
If anyone would like more information or to support this cause here is a link


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My favorite charity ride is BikeMS but I also do smaller charity rides in my state as well which support more local causes; all of which are part of the Kentucky Cycling Challenge.
I’m also using workouts from TR to get ready for these rides.

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Jingle Cross.

A real race weekend. Weird huh, but yeah, it benefits University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

I’m not one to complete events for charity, although my wife has gotten into a marathon or two through the “raise money” route. I prefer to donate directly to causes or organizations, normally.

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