What's your BIGGEST TSS week?

Mine was in last november, in a 6 stage MTB race here in Argentina.

600 kms in total, +5 daily hours in the saddle, 2000mts of daily climbing, for a total of +2000 TSS:dizzy_face: that was tough… but i maged to take the 2nd place in Master +30 and 8 place overall… :grin:

My FTP at the time was arround 300w and i did arround 240w NP in each stage

and what about you guys?? What’s your BIGGEST TTS week??


2000+! I’m shattered just thinking about that.

Mine was a training camp back in March of this year. Three days riding in Spain with other riders who were all far fitter and stronger than I was.

TSS for those three days was 940 and that was more than enough for me.

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Congrats for surviving that. I couldn’t imagine that high of TSS in a week.

This year for me was 933TSS in a week (Below). Highest month TSS was 2,967. After that I burnt out of endurance rides for awhile, but man I was fast.


2100 Cape Epic 2018… took a few weeks to get over that…


That was 2100 TSS well spent!!

I dream of being able to go one day :pray:

How about 654tss in one day? I did a 17.5 hour MTB event last week, still tired.

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7 days, LA to San Francisco. 2200 TSS.

803 TSS with 90°+ heat and humidity, My body was not happy

Most in one day was 503, 160 mile ride

I need to get a power meter for my road bike. Estimated 1700, 760 miles in 4 days. Might have overdone it on the second day, felt a little slow on the third day.

1241 @ altitude (all over 6000 ft, and I live at sea level) during Haute Route Mavic Rockies 2017

Like 1050 and I thought that was descent! lol

First week of July 2018: 2,050 TSS.

6 rides, 14 hours, 3,000 m climbing (and 2 KOMs!).

And now 450 TSS weeks feel :face_vomiting:

Nice, good topic!

Not a calendar week, but how about the biggest 8 days with a stomach issue? 2104 TSS during a “training” camp in Mallorca in March 2017., did all the rides effectively fasted as I was throwing up all the food I was trying to eat. Went there with good fitness, came back shattered. :roll_eyes:


As a side note, one of my cycling buddies from the neighborhood AVERAGES 1500TSS a week on top of having a day job, his CTL almost never goes below 200. I believe his biggest ever TSS in one ride was 1092, when he decided to do a round trip from Amsterdam to Roubaix.

I did a weeks riding in the alps - came to about 1300 TSS.

Seems tiny compared to some others in here!

This past April in Iowa. 1828, with 1660 coming in a single ride…

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Wow… I had 901 in a single (33 hour) ride, 1660 in 29 hours is mind boggling.

You know, maybe that isn’t accurate. I’ll be honest, I haven’t done much training by power so I don’t have a good intuitive sense of TSS.

Looking back my FTP was probably estimated a bit low. I also wonder if I didn’t have some power meter drift during that. Temps ranged from upper 20’s overnight to 50’s during the day. Also, 29 hours is the moving time. It was 33 something for total “event time”.

So I’m not sure how much impact that would have on the final number. I do know I was pretty trashed afterwards. I finished the ride with 349.4 miles and despite my desire for nice round numbers, there was absolutely no way I was going to do another 0.6 miles.

OK, so I looked up my three biggest weeks this year. Keep in mind I like 12 hour and 100 mile MTB races as I work my way towards a 24 hour race:

19-23 February: 1,321 over 5 days during a training camp in Phoenix. Road riding.

23-29 July: 1,030 over 4 days preparing for a 12 hour MTB race. Gravel riding.

27 Aug-2 Sept: 1,018. Actually missed a day in here because I was dealing with some health issues. Gravel riding.

Highest one day TSS was at the Oregon24. I raced the 12 Hour Solo Category and racked somewhere around 600 in TSS. I do not use a power meter on my mountain bike, so this TSS is based upon HR and RPE.

All TSS is not created equally. Huge difference between endurance and intensity :grin:.

Sept 2017, 6 day bike trip in Japan. Didn’t have a power meter, so the estimated TSS from TR came to 2,273. 455 miles, 35,082 feet climbing, 36 hours in the saddle.

My first (and last) trip like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel overtrained just seeing all of y’all numbers!
I die if I do more than 500 + for few weeks, and I see people here going 600+ for like a year :open_mouth:

Specially the tour pros that are going 1300+ every week!