Whats best for winter?

Depends. You can always increase by 2.5 lbs instead of 5 if you are new to lifting.

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5 sets x 5 reps is very different than 3 sets x 5 reps

this is a tough one, and every individual is different. That will depend how consistent you are, and how heavy you lift. Go heavy before race season, then just do maintenance lifting, like 85% of max or so. You can def cook the legs if you lift too heavy before a big race or ride, but the cellular levels benefits are legit and amazing for injury prevention

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I’m currently having a few weeks off, a couple planned post Ironman, And a couple more enforced due to a Zorb Football Injury :rofl:

Then my plan is, for over the winter:

VO2 max block
VO2 max block

And that’ll take me round to the start of IM Base

Cyclocross will see you nicely through to late January! :wink:

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Hibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in endotherms. Hibernation refers to a season of heterothermy characterised by low body temperature, slow breathing and heart rate, and low metabolic rate. It is most commonly observed during the winter months.

^Edit, I forgot I started my post with a little joke.

Don’t try and maintain, you will probably not advance next year if you try too. Have a few weeks off even a month, but do other things, core work, strength etc., then be raring to go and start over. During the winter get the best base (most time in the saddle in) that you can. If you got time and can make it work time in the saddle at 60 - 70% well help build a good base. If time is a restriction (weather etc.) build the Sweet Spot Work as time progresses throughout the Winter, enables a good base but not as broad.


Balls to that, bloody lunacy!

I’m a bit good at hibernating, that and mince pie eating seem to have been my downfall every year, lol! Am definitely keen to get in the gym and do some non-bike workouts and get into a routine there!


I bet that’ll be my reaction after my first race of the season on Sunday!

Good luck today chap, hope it goes well and you enjoy it👌

Awesome, I have always tended to stop lifting entirely once racing comes around again, under the assumption that i’d take too long to recover. Looking forward to pushing it now and seeing how it goes. Always love the feeling after the gym hurt subsides and the pedals feel light!!:+1:

100% agree! Keep me posted with how it goes!

Brendan John Housler



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My winter will consist of lots of erg work (indoor rower) and some running, with 3 body weight sessions per week. I generally start on the trainer again in late February, but I’m thinking about incorporating one trainer session per week of less than one hour from December. I don’t want to lose all of my bike fitness/muscle memory.

Good luck with it!

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Will do, Thanks again!

Nice, can i ask, what is it with the rowing? I’ve come across a couple of former rowers in races this year and they’ve been absolute monsters on the bike!!

Rowing and cycling have a similar physiology. You can develop a huge fitness base with a relatively low time commitment. Rowing is predominantly a leg dominant sport, so this seems to help when you transition across to cycling after the winter.

Most rowers focus on the 2k, so a lot of our training is based around short intense intervals (8x500m, 12x250m for example). This seems to help when it comes to our short power on the bike. My strongest area on the bike is the 1-5 min power stuff.

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This has probably been asked before but is it wise to turn down the training volume in the winter. Will you be getting bigger gains by doing so.

I feel like I want to keep training during the winter (on the indoor trainer) in order not to lose to much fitness…

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The consensus so far has been to continue to train, loads of people suggest dialing down the intensity or frequency but add in additional stimulus like weights or off road riding (if you’re solely a roadie like me). For me, personally I struggle without road races as motivation at this time of year, I’ve always played seasonal sports previously and enjoy a proper off season. With cycling, I’ve found that the off season is costly and often it will take me half the season to get back to the level I finished at the year before.
This year I’m attempting to take a short off season, 3-4 weeks and then get back to training regularly.