What to Do When Your Attacks Don't Stick (2020 Folsom Winter Crit E4/5)

Learn what to do when your attacks don’t stick as TrainerRoad’s Amber Pierce and Pete Morris analyze Producer Tucker’s 4/5 crit race from the 2020 Folsom Winter Criterium. Check it out for these tips and more:

  • In lower categories, try a little bit of everything to learn more about your strengths AND weaknesses. That way you can really see what type of cyclist you are.
  • Counter-attacking after the surge for prime lap can be a great way to capitalize on an opportunity and get a gap from the field.
  • Finding the “sweet spot” of the draft when positioning yourself in the peloton can save a lot of energy while also allowing you to keep an eye on what is happening at the front of the race.
  • Not every race goes to plan. So be ready to adapt to a changing situation. Being patient and only using your energy when you need will help you have the legs when it comes time to work hard.


• Rider: Tucker Elsner
• Race File: Log In to TrainerRoad
• Weight: 159 lbs (72.1 kg)
• Height: 5" 11’ (180 cm)
• FTP: 292
• Duration: 38:12
• NP: 294
• AP: 252
• Average Speed: 26.2 mph (42.2 kph)
• Distance: 16.7 miles (26.9 km)
• Race Category: Elite 4/5


• Full Race Video: 2020 Folsom Winter Crit E4/5 – Tucker's Full Race - YouTube
• Race File: Log In to TrainerRoad
• Strava: 18.5 mi Ride Activity on February 8, 2020 by Tucker E. on Strava

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