What to do on on a hotel gym bike?

That is interesting. I can’t see where to add it. This is what I see. I too have to use gym bikes as I don’t have a trainer.


you have to add the activity manually. Then you can feel in the time and TSS.

After the ride on a crappy hotel spin bike, create a new workout and fill out details:

Then you can go to the planned TR workout, click it, and match it to your crappy hotel spin bike workout :+1:

Thanks for that tip and is handy. It still feels odd you can estimate the TSS on a synced outdoor ride. It would be much simpler to edit the crappy synced ride.

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not sure I follow

Why can’t I just edit the one I have? The TSS is of course in my calendar before the ride, but once it syncs the TSS is zero. I should be able to just add it back in. I’m sure it is because as TR has no power data it doesn’t trust that the TSS would be correct so zeros it.

When I go out on my bike and sync a ride via Strava I can estimate the TSS.

Am I right in saying if the TSS was 97, but you don’t hit the workout 100% the TR app will change the TSS if they have the power data?


Maybe not following you, but here goes…

I have a bunch of rides before getting a power meter, and before signing up with TR. Located one in the TR calendar and pulled it up, and was able to add my own TSS:

If that had auto-matched to a ride on my plan, its possible to “Mark as unplanned ride”

and then I’m assuming you can adjust TSS, and reassociate it with planned ride. But I haven’t tried because since joining TR my bike has a power meter.

I think we are on the same page. Those rides you talk about are synced ride that aren’t your TR workouts. I can estimate my TSS for those.

As you can see in my screenshot for Pettit the TSS is zero and I can’t change it back to whatever Pettit should be. I can do it via your tip, but why can’t I just add it back? If it is a TR workout then estimate TSS is not an option if you have no power data.

I’m confused, this does not show syncing with Strava or Garmin Connect. How did it get marked as completed with 0 TSS?

I believe it was from the TR app. This is what synced with Strava. The TR app would have synced directly first.

I don’t see a HR line in that pic, guessing you just used the TR app as a timer (didn’t record HR or power)?

If yes, then don’t use the TR app for hotel bike spin. Record with a timer. Create a manual workout with TSS. Match to planned TR workout. And ask support@trainerroad.com for help, in case I missed something. Good luck!

Correct, the top one is from my Garmin that I wear for heart rate. I was think about getting a dual Bluetooth and Ant+ strap then I wouldn’t need to wear the 920XT. The bottom one is the app. If the TR app recorded heart rate would the TSS be there?


But maybe you could change TSS? I don’t know without trying or asking TR support.

Ok, thanks anyway for the tip.

Number one impediment for me is cooling. 45min of zone 2 leaves me with a fully soaked shirt (and no more will to live). I think I’m going to try VO2max repeats next time - will all be on RPE.

On the plus side, seeing my “power output” at 400”Watts” for 45min is a good ego boost (my FTP is 250W).

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I travel for work. Same location, approximately monthly. The hotel gym only has recumbent bikes. I tried that once- that was enough. Since the work stints are 4 to 7 days in length it’s worth it to me to bring my bike and pay the airline fees. This is what prompted me to buy a power meter, as I can borrow a dumb trainer locally. It was the adventure with power pedals that led me to learn that my Kickr 17 at home was way off. Currently I have the loan of a Tacx Neo2. Life is not bad for being on the road.

I only tried this once but unfortunately, there was no way I could get the pedals off the gym bike. Y’all must be much stronger than me.

Did you have a pedal wrench? That’s the key for me. I’ve seen some pedals that are rusted on from years of sweat though.

I’m going to Orlando. I plan on taking my kid on a swan paddle boat for 3x3s at v02. Hoping to break it.


I just used my Assioma pedals last for a week at a hotel on a spin bike. I arranged my plan to have a recovery week that week. I did that for two reasons- the terrible cooling in hotel gyms was easier to tolerate on recovery rides and the power adjustment on spin bikes was slow and had to get accurate power for any short intervals. I still ended up with a huge pool of sweat but the workouts were perfect.