What’s your drivetrain brand poll? NOT argument!

Just curious what kind of drivetrain representation we have here. please don’t get into the typical arguments/merit discussions here. Just vote! (Missing any choices? I’ll add)

What’s your drivetrain?

  • Shimano
  • SRAM
  • SRAMano (Frankenmix)
  • Campy
  • FSA or Rotor anyone?
  • Different bikes, different brands

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Seeing the results, I’m wondering: for those with multiple bikes, do you aim for the same brand across them all?


I chose what is on my bike currently, but given the funds I’d probably be riding something else.

I stay pretty consistent. (I’ve got SRAM on my road bikes and Di2 on my TT bikes…can’t live without the brake lever shifting). I’m not sure why I do it - I’ve rented bikes with Shimano recently and it’s not like I can’t switch back and forth, but I like SRAM, so I stick with it.

I use Shimano on all bikes

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“Other” Miche on fixed gear but really that’s just cranks, chain and cog :wink:

Shimano on my road and mtn bikes.

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I do with chainset…but only because I have a crank based PM so having same (Shimano) makes it easy to change between bikes…but not fussed if tiagra, or 105 or whatever as all fit same

Isn’t that for sure?!

My road bikes are Shimano, but I chose my gravel bike in part to try Sram.

And I’d love to have Campy on my next N+1, whatever it is, just to try it.

Come to think of it, should anyone wanna donate a Rotor groupset to me (preferably attached to a bike I want), I’ll try that too. :rofl:

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I’m on all SRAM road shifters all the time. The few times I’ve done day-long demo rides on Shimano bikes I had a really hard time getting my brain and fingers to keep shifting in the intended direction. Guess I’m just an old dog now :thinking:

Shimano on my MTB, Campy on my gravel bike.

I think the higher level spec’d niners give you the option of shimano vs sram. I don’t think the 3 star I bought had the option.

I ran SRAM on my gravel bike and Shimano on my older road bike, but I just love SRAM so much I made sure I have it on both bikes now. Shimano is a great and reliable shifting platform no doubt, but I love how “aggressive” SRAM feels. The click is where it’s at for me.

Plus, I’m a 1x fanboy, and SRAM makes that easy.

My road/CX are shimano. My MTB is sram. I buy what is on sale and that means I don’t get to pick the drivetrain.

I’m a SRAM guy at the moment on road, gravel and TT… Used to be Campag, also ridden Shimano.

I like what SRAM do, but all the top end from the big 3 are clearly very good kit! New Ultegra R8000 was the first Shimano group that has made me consider buying Shimano.

In an ideal world, I’d like a groupset that looked great but had the shifters & rear mech of SRAM, the hydraulic brakes of Campag and the front mech of Shimano R8000.

Changed to SRAM on my CX bike because I wanted a 1x drivetrain and a clutch mech. Love the solid feel and it hasn’t let me down (yet)

Shimano 105 on my road bike because that’s what it came with. It’s always just worked really well so has never come to the front of the upgrade queue.

Trainer bike is a combination of left overs

My Sram is 1x, so I dunno about Sram front mechs.

Is the Yaw not as good as Ultegra?

SRAM shifting and derailleurs, KCNC or ee brakes, KCNC cables, wolftooth or extralite rings on either shimano or sram cranks, always shimano cassettes, and KMC chains

I’ve always had a preference for Shimano, but just bought a new mtb with Sram Eagle on it. I voted Shimano since most of my bikes are sporting it.

My road bike I spend more time on. Thus, better components. Shimano/Rotor. I thought I would ride in the gravel more. However, it is largely used to ride with the kids in the neighborhood. Therefore, I am ok with FSA.

My next bike I think I will go with e-tap given the amount of travel I do with my main road bike. Fewer cables!

My Sram Red yaw front mech is great, but the new Ultegra/DA front mechs have a neat little cable tension adjuster built into the mech, which means no more need for in-line barrel adjusters. I like that!

Shimano Ultegra with Rotor3D 24 crank so I could mount a Power2Max NGEco. The cassette is still a Shimano 105.