What % Of Your Maximum Heart Rate Do You Reach During Sweetspot & Threshold Workouts?

I’m also 57 and have more or less identical numbers. Good luck!

Thanks for that - I decided not to go down the ablation route as a first resort, as I’d heard mixed reports on their effectiveness. I’ve tried to cut out anything which might promote arrhythmia , and I’ve gradually “de-trained” my heart over the past two years, as I used to have a ridiculously low resting heart-rate, which gives a lot of scope for extra beats to slip in and get established.

Now its just a case of building up gently and see how things go. If it all goes pear shaped again, I might then look at an ablation…its reassuring that you are able to get back to pushing it a little.

Interesting, what did you cut out and what did you do to detrain? My resting HR was 40s it’s now 50s

In terms of cutting out, it was stress (as much as is possible) and alcohol (I was not a huge drinker, but now I’ve given up completely). For about a year or so up to the incident, I’d been going out on my bike while in a majorly stressed out state (work related)…the rides were theraputic, but there is some suggestion that stress hormones in blood are a risk factor in terms of mutating cardiac cells.

In terms of detraining, I stopped cycling completely and just concentrated on (fast) walking. I live in a pretty hilly area, so it involved some elevation of pulse, but I stayed well below AT and just monitored my resting pulse over the weeks and months. Not very scientific, but it seems to have dealt with my uneven resting heart rate and (touch wood) all has been well on the home trainer so far.

My resting pulse was low 40’s and, like you, it’s now in the 50’s. I think as I keep training, it will probably drop back into the high 40’s, but my aim now is relaxed recreational riding, as opposed to the kind of recreational riding where you fling yourself at every hill with your eyeballs out on stalks.

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The highest HR I’ve ever seen during indoor training is 183bpm. Never did a max HR test.
My LTHR is about 173 (tested with 30min protocol), so about 94% of max.

During long 2hr SST workouts like Tallac +3 / Eclipse +3 I tend to get to a max in the high 160s, so about 91% of max HR.
On long Threshold workouts like Mount Goode +3 I can end up in the high 170s, so around 96% of max.

These numbers seem pretty high compared to my max HR, so maybe that’s wrong, I dunno. On Ramp test I usually max out around 179-181 BPM.


Usually during sweet spot I get to around 165/170 and my max is 202bpm. So I’m about 80-85%.

Came across this article on sweet spot training and heart rate

I am 42 yr old male. Max HR 185.
I checked old workouts and sweet spot put me between 86-93% of max.

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Thanks for the link to the article JB - much appreciated.

My max HR (at least the max during a ramp test, might not be true max, I have seen it higher on a couple of occasions) is around 185 and for 90% SS intervals I’m generally just under 160, so about 85%

Thanks for the input here everyone, good information. I take metoprolol (a beta blocker) so my results are maybe different than others. Max HR 162, Threshold 147. For me sweet spot it is very ambient temperature related. My pain cave is currently on the back porch. Did Galena -2 twice in the past month, on a 60 degree day it was easy and my heart rate on the second interval ranged from 101-141 even working at and above FTP. Did the same workout yesterday, a 85 degree day, and my heart rate ranged from 116 to 151 during the second interval even with a fan and mister running. Also makes me wonder about the ambient temperature dependence of the Fluid2 trainer I’m using.

51 years and actually reached 188 max over the past year… didnt bike for 30+ years until last year and just started with high volume plan to get more structure into my biking. During the first sweetspot sessions HR was between 80-85% of an estimated max of 186 and it doesnt feel overly taxing (more on the legs than pump)… but the plan definitely helps me concentrate and not overreach by chasing behind strava segments and fast riders in above FTP efforts, and it feels like the body is already responding positively…


54 year old male who just returned to cycling after 30 years. Been 5-6 day a week gym guy for past 20 years. Neglect cardio during that time. Tend to neglect leg workouts because of lower back pain but started cyclilng again and assumed my back would hurt but so far no problems. Very excited about that. I’m about 8 weeks into it. Max heart rate I’ve seen is 177 during ramp test. My sweet spot workouts run 78-85% of max 177 rate.
Interesting to hear everyone sharing their experience. Very helpful and friendly forum.