What is the worst cycling food you’ve ever tasted?

Yes! I was wondering how long it would take for the original PowerBar to come up. Those things were so gross and designed to damage your teeth in any number of ways.

PowerBar’s cold? Maybe a cracked tooth.
PowerBar’s hot? Say goodbye to those fillings.


True story…back in 1990, I went out and did the Casper Classic in WY. For those that don’t know it, it was a 7-day stage race for all categories. Unheard of for almost any amateur category, let alone Cat 4’s.

Anyway, I thought I was be smart and cut my Powerbars into pieces and put them in a plastic bag so I could just have smaller bites as I needed them.

BIG MISTAKE…it was hotter than hell (and most parts of Georgia) during the race and I ended up with one big melted blob. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


One of my childhood dogs swiped a box of power bars and hid it somewhere in the house. We never found out where but every so often she’d show up at the door asking to be let out to go bury the (wrapped) powerbar in her mouth. Eventually recovered almost all of them this way.

I don’t know if she actually ate any of them.


I have a sweet tooth big time. Crazy that I love Tutti Frutti SIS gels but, can’t stomach this. :man_shrugging:

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Hammer - Montana Huckleberry gels :face_vomiting:

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Vanilla cliff gels. Never wanted to throw up more while on the bike

I’ve never had these, but I remember they marketed them like they were the sweet nectar of the gods.

Hammer perpetuem solids. I imagine the pitch for those was “Like haribo, but if they were made of chalk and came in a plastic jar. Also that’ll be $60”

Also those little peanut butter packets that cost more individually than buying a jar at the store. I could see it having a place for the ultra guys, but I don’t think there’s ever been a point during a race where I wanted or needed a bunch of peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth for no carb-related performance benefit.


Oh man. I forgot those. That was TERRIBLE. Literally took MINUTES to consume.



Clif Bloks chocolate energy chews stuck to my teeth trying to keep up with my cycling group, then I started choking on a piece that I hadn’t chewed enough. It tasted like something devised in an evil amateur’s chemistry laboratory with artificial cocoa and cloyingly sweet sugar. I’ve used liquid carbs ever since.

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powerbars were definitely disgusting both in flavor and texture. The original bonkbreakers were pretty bad also.

GU energy chews. Orange flavor is absolutely terrible. I love the Clif Blocks and most flavors. The margarita flavor is strong but palatable but salted watermelon is where it’s at.


Salted watermelon is my jam too


Funny. The only product I have ever considered spitting out is “unflavored”.
GU’s “Tastefully Nude” gel.

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The gu gel lineup is particularly bad.

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Not strictly a cycling product, but on advice of podcast counsel, I tried some beet juice powder mix. It was about $35 for the canister. Mixed per directions, took one sip and nearly lost it. Drink went down the sink, canister went in the trash. My Amazon review read something like “pond water mixed with goat vomit”.

Waaay back in the day, when there were very few carb drink products on the market, a company called Exceed had a product called (I think) Load. It was a drink powder to be used the night before a big event. It was 900 kcal of carbs, in the form of a lemon-lime solution. It was like guzzling lemon lime pancake syrup. My training buddy and I would sit in a hotel room and try to chug the whole drink (I think it was about a liter and a half). Neither of us could do it. It was beyond disgusting, but man, it worked the next day!

Some may remember the first Powerbar. Extremely chewy, horrible taste, difficult to unwrap and eat. Triathletes would open them, then drape them across their top tube for “easy access”. They attracted flies like…flies, and would be covered in sweat, road grit and who knows what else. I never went that route, but I will bet that’s on somebody’s “worst ever” list


Another vote for Heed


I once was bonking going up a steep mountain and one of my ride buddies gave me the GU Cola and the moment it hit my palate I wanted to spit it out. Since someone gave up their food for me, I just suffered and tried washing it down with some water. Who is actually enjoying GU? It’s like eating children’s toothpaste.

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I got a variety pack from Amazon of gu gels and found it to be particularly horrible.

Sis gels are delicious and nutritious.