What is the reason you stop the ramp test?

My legs aren’t “tired” they just physically stop moving


Where was the all of the above option??? :laughing:

just my personal experience, even the comments about legs stopping moving could be mental rather than physical. When I’m not looking at the steps, I don’t really feel like my legs will stop moving, but if I do, when that next step engages, suddenly I have a problem. On my last ramp test, I made it to 19:15 without looking at anything. Which was great, because I knew I would have a successful test at that point. However, come the 20:00 minute mark, it was like I hit a wall and I think it was a mental wall, not a physical one.

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I agree with this, ramp test 6 weeks ago, max hr 202 (result 203 watts), 6 weeks later max hr 196 with a result of 211.

When I realize I have better things to do. :upside_down_face::face_vomiting:

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Agreed on this. So much of this, in my experience, is mental breaking vs physically breaking.

To combat this, I now bump each ramp test value by 2%. Im a gluten for punshiment.