What if I only did Sweet Spot workouts?

Gotcha. Yeah, I just run straight though all year round so I have to have a break somewhere. I don’t think you could sustain SSB2 + Sustained Power Build for too long without burnout.

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I am also 44 and took last year off, so, I’m rebuilding for 2019 and was in the same spot as you after SSBMVII. Had my Short Power build plan ready to go and put it on hold in favor of a couple more weeks of endurance before headed into build based on @brendanhousler blog entry here: Power Zones for Cycling Endurance Rides Explained | EVOQ.BIKE

I modified the last three weeks of SSBHVII w/ some outdoor rides including a 3 hr. fixed gear session that included 4x15 at our local track and some road race simulations on the weekends. Had a rainy Saturday and decided to do a 4.5 hour endurance ride on the trainer instead (it wasn’t as bad as it sounds - I caught up on some TR podcasts I had missed).

Here is another EVOQ blog entry that speaks specifically to sweet spot as you’re referring and the gains to be made: Sweet Spot Cycling Professional Training Plan & Guide | EVOQ.BIKE

I will say the rest week after SSBMVI & II wasn’t restful enough to get my fatigue down enough to be ready for a build, so, took two days off, two easy days and then another two days off and will probably do something easy tomorrow before heading into a modified version of Short Power Build HVI.


I’m in the same boat and came up with this balance (skipping first 2 weeks of SSB1):

I literally just did that very progression and my FTP plateaued. :thinking:

Ah – Mid Vol…yes, that would probably work simply because of the diverse stresses in the plan.

I think this is where I was unintentionally led astray in being recommended to repeat the SSB-SPB combo. As TR does not actively advocate users doing HV plans, the recommendor (I being the recommendee) most likely thought I would do the more popular MV plans. When Nate did his mega-block of SS, was it HV or MV?

The SSB2HV and SPBHV are a huge block of training (3.5 months) done all in a rather narrow range of stimulus, 88-108%. Your body will acclimatize quickly to all this sameness; my FTP bumped up after the first 3 weeks and remained the same for the rest of the course.

Do SSB2HV–>SPBHV de capo if you want to greatly improve other non-FTP factors like muscular endurance and fatigue resistance.

Rerun SSB2MV–>SPBMV if you want to power up your FTP.



I get that MV has some intensity, but I think most people will still plateau eventually if you don’t increase volume. You can definitely increase FTP on just SS and Z2 with minimal hard efforts but you need to be continually ramping up TSS. Just gaining a few watts here and there aren’t going to push the TR plans enough to really provide a sufficient increase.

I know there’s another thread on it and a plan hasn’t been created, but a training camp style of overload week of SS/Z2 is a good way to break through a plateau. TSS of 150%+ avg and hrs 100-200% avg seems to work well. Obviously followed by a recovery/adaptation week and then maintain a higher TSS/wk for the next build block.


D.C. al fine :musical_score: you just transported me back to 4th grade and Mrs Gates piano lessons :musical_keyboard:

The difference here is I’m planning to use the TR plan as a framework and carefully substitute outside rides for workouts. For example Wed night rides which are 105-120 minutes, and range from TSS of 100 (hot summer nights) to race-like 180. Those are usually over-under or upper threshold like efforts. And my favorite weekend solo route is 2 hours with a long SS/threshold effort of 40-50 minutes, then an aerobic 40 min ride home at roughly 60-70% similar to Elephants +5 which is a variation of the Sat threshold progression in Sustained Power Build weeks 1-3.

What I’ve done is at least one long 4-7 hour ride a month, followed by adaptation week. So taking a 500-600 TSS progression and spiking it with a 800-900 TSS week every 4th week. It’s what I learned to do from our club’s series of rides to prep for epic events, and now I’m planning to integrate that into the framework of a TR plan.

No, no…NO!!! 4.5 hrs on the trainer :scream: You’re a better man than I!

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Ha! It really isn’t bad. I think people default to that mentality instead of looking at it as a fantastic opportunity to get the right type of training and volume in.


I am able to multi-task on those long, easy trainer rides by reading, writing or watching movies that I can’t fit in otherwise. If you can make more from the time, I think it is easier to stomach and actually look forward to on your calendar.


No…still NO. Just kidding as I was when I initially posted. Personally with 2 young kids, long commute, work I just dont have those blocks of time right now, indoors or out and second, well Im dealing with saddle comfort issues. 4.5 hrs on the trainer!!! Ouch

And you write while on the trainer? Or type on the phone? Really just curious :slight_smile:

I understand. Had the weather been good, I would have done 4.5 outside.

I have a mini-keyboard mounted to my handlebars. So I can do various tasks, just like being at a desk. I spend a bunch of time reading, updating categories and writing replies on this forum, as well as others.

Then I do a certain amount of reading and research as well on training and other topics. And then I watch some movies when I want or don’t have other stuff to do. The demand is low enough for these rides that it’s not too hard to do.


Dual screens for mixed work: 40" & 24"


my butt starts hurting, I could do it with enough short breaks off the bike. Longest so far is 2.75 hour, and even with stopping/standing every 45 minutes, it convinced me to do all endurance outside if possible!

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Thats phenomenal! Love it

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I added pics above, to show the keyboard and the dual screens that give me room to play and work.

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You can get used to anything if you do it often enough :grin:

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LOL, yup, I like getting used to long rides in the great outdoors :wink:

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Come do Belgium Waffle Ride with us!