What chain goes with 11S shimano cassette?

I want to buy a Shimano chain cassette combo and they (chain reaction) are asking 114 links or ll8 links???

I’m running a compact chain ring up front 50/34 11speed Shimano

Get the 114 because you’re going to have to cut the chain anyways.

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Probably less than 114, but it depends on your frame too (length of chainstays), so nobody knows. Count the links on your current chain.

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okay thanks

okay thanks I was trying to avoid that but i´m on hard lockdown havent left the house in 37 days :man_facepalming:So what else am I going todo :man_shrugging:

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I needed a 116 link chain on 50/34 with 11-40 at the back.

Best practice is to size every chain from scratch; there is no guarantee that the chain on there was the correct length.
There are plenty of guides out there; my personal favourite is Park Tool https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/chain-length-sizing. Big to big plus two.


I get 118+ links and then install it.

You’re going to need to size it according to your gears and chainstay length. Only when I’m lazy do I size it up to the current chain. It’s not a big deal anyway, you need the tools to do it, regardless, and the steps are the same. So buy longer, and size it down. I keep extra chains around for various bikes, and they all need different lengths.

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THANKS!!! That is a very informative video and made me just that much smarter will again and again. oh and of course follow the guidance. Thanks

Yep, I hear on the tools so I´m just trying to get all set up.
Back story is for the last 38 day we have been on a hard lockdown :mask:Pharmacy, Grocery store is all that gets one out of the house.

So in a moment of madness I decided to up grade my wheel on smart trainer to a top of the line direct drive trainer but for the last 37 days every type of trainer in Europe was sold out by online retailers.

Well, Friday while surfing the net just to pass time boom I found one and bang ordered it.
Now, I need to have everthing ready when it arrives so I just dont look at a box for days :joy: need a cassette okay and it makes sense new cassette new chain. okay no problem can order all that oh tools :thinking: all my tools are in my mother in laws garage 30km away and it is impossible to get there(why its my base of operations for most of my outdoor riding) So I need to order tools now as well.
And, if I´m going to put on new a chain I might as well replace the old cassette on my bike so I can be ride ready when the lockdown is lifted. Finding a chain whip has proved difficult as well, most are sold out.

So, now I think I have found everything but I´m going to pass on ordering a 2d work stand try what we did when we were kids and just turn the bike upside down : :man_shrugging: The 2d and third order affects after 5minutes of madess hitting buy on a top of the line smart trainer :man_facepalming:
What do ya think am I lost cause??
oh and I dont even want to think about what my bride is going to say when all the boxes start arriving :grimacing: :joy:

I echo what Adam has said.

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