Well... I got COVID. Starting over

While it is possible to lose antibodies in 12 weeks, this is absolutely not a sure fact. It certainly could have been the February cough you mention, although that sounds extremely early depending on your location.

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I heard someone else recommended Whoop. Seems like it could be helpful in our situation. A little pricey, as I feel like I’m getting a better handle on reading where my body is at. But I don’t always get it right, and it’s still amazing to me how things can go south over the course of an hour or two.

I’m using an Oura ring, which is very similar to the whoop. I got a cold this past week and my resting heart rate while sleeping went from 51 to 59 and my body temp deviated a degree or so. I definitely think these devices can pinpoint a response to sickness.

The NBA gave all of the players in the bubble Oura to try to help with COVID detection.

It’s wild how everyone reacts so differently. My experience was sick as hell for 6 days (at which point I did ride lightly on my trainer). Two weeks later, lungs still hurt but I did a 95 mile 5000 ft ride anyhow and had to stop for food at the 85 mile mark as I was bonking hard. This was admittedly very stupid, but no one knew anything in the beginning so I treated it like a flu. At the 3 week mark, I felt pretty good other than sore lungs so I was doing some gravel riding with friends. 6 weeks later, 100% good and started TR. Got my rona in March along with my 6 member family. 4 were asymptomatic and my wife got slightly less sick than I did. I wish you the same or better luck and health!

Touch wood I’ve been similarly lucky. Aside from lingering loss of smell and taste, I’m fine 3 weeks after initial symptoms (and have been so for 9-10 days). Following some of the posts on here, I’ve had private bloodwork done, which was all normal, ditto an ecg. The doc’s advice was very simple: feel free to exercise but listen to your body. If you don’t feel right, stop.

Yes, definitely take it easy. Here in Australia they are treating it as a blood vessel disease. They are finding some people (both young and old) can have long term side effects with their heart and lungs. Some 30 year olds can’t walk up a flight of stairs after recovering from the illness. Some people seem to have inflammation that causes the damage. Don’t take any chances.

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A test for fbc, troponin, CRP and d-dimers is a good idea, plus an ecg.

While not 100% reliable, that should catch the majority of problems.

I’ve been using Garmin stress score to monitor health and found it useful (not Covid - other health issues)

I find it hard to believe they are releasing “long term studies” when no one has been even one year into Covid recovery.

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I’m selfishly glad that my chemo finished about 4 months before this thing officially started. I hope it works out for you.

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It turned out ok for me despite chemo having diminished my immune system I got a very mild case of covid. I’m well again after maybe a month or 5 weeks of symptoms. Even did a little fondo yesterday. Got 6th!


Sister in law came over sunday and spent 6 hours at the house, she tested positive on her drive home. 5 days later i cant taste. Hope to ride an easy hour a day till recovered. Angry

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Damn that sucks. I wish you all the best and a fast and full recovery. Take care!

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A couple of friends tested positive both of which I hung out just over three ago so I started to worry. Despite both have a very good reason as to how they contracted the virus; one’s daughter had a teacher test positive and the other is a stylist that sees new people every day all day… Still I couldn’t help but to get a bit worried and the more I thought about things the more I realized I may have had the virus last week.

I recently setup a gym inside the garage and I was a few weeks into SSBMV2 so I assumed I was fatigued due to the trailing volume. I had no other symptoms and was able to successfully get through my workouts. I remember feeling really tired waking up but assumed it was the addition of heavy lifting.

I no longer feel fatigued but still thought to get tested… Got our results yesterday and we were all (wife and two kids) negative.

Even though I was able to get through my workouts I still plan to lay off the training a few more days to ensure I feel back to normal before resuming…

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I wouldn’t do any exercise during the acute phase. Take a break and then work your way back into it very gradually once you’re symptom-free.


Glad I came to the forum to read about COVID. I will definitely be listening to my body now. I am 2 and a half weeks out from my first symptoms and testing positive. I am devastated by the fact that my fitness is pretty low right now and can’t go out and ride with my buddies. I’ve had my bike and gear ready to go for an early morning ride and I have woken up feeling like i need to take deep breaths most of the day to feel like I got enough air in. Trainer road made me faster this year and now I will start over when it feels right.


I feel ya. My bag is still packed for a ride. I’m up 10% from last year. Hoping I don’t lose that 10%

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It’s not necessarily going to be a complete restart. Legs have long memories. There are plenty of guys who recovered and got stronger after Covid. I was at 253 ftp before I got Covid. Took about a month to start retraining and now I am doing my workouts (starting about two weeks ago) with my ftp set at 284, and completing them. (I tested last at 270, but I am now comfortably holding 270 for 25 minutes on group rides, which are not paced very well, so I just bumped it up by feel instead of interrupting training to retest). Keep your spirits up! You can get through this better than ever.

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I feel like getting on the trainer is one way to step away from the stress. With 2" of snow on the ground and it appears 12 days more of lock down and my crazy kids with no where to go, its going to be a snuggle struggle in the future.