Weight History?


Where or can I find my weight history @www.trainerroad.com?
Now I can only see/edit my FTP changes under “FTP History”. I dont know when this change was done but before I also was able to see/ edit my weight at same place.

Anyone know if and where I can see that history?

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You can’t, just your FTP history. I don’t recall being able to see weight history, when was this?

This has been suggested a couple of times by other users. A recent thread on the topic is here;

You’re right, it’s gone. Don’t think you can see the history anymore. If you need to edit your weight you can still do it on the main “account” page.

@julianoliver dont remember last time I saw the weight history. The weight is an important unit in cycling so I do not understand why its gone in TR, @Nate_Pearson? I want to be able to see my previous w/kg on my previous 20min FTP test but cant do it.

@Scheherazade thanks for the answer! Why should I fill in the field with weight when I cant use it to anything useful?

By entering your weight, you are able to accurately calulate your current Watts/kg, which is an important metric for most types of racing.

As for weight tracking, we are working to create an awesome new watts/kg graph that will allow you to track both your weight, your FTP, and the ratio between these two metrics.

There’s no ETA for this quite yet, however, it is on our Development Roadmap :slight_smile:



@Bryce, where can i see my accurate w/kg chart or any w/kg number? Cant find any place at www.trainerroad.com that include my w/kg. So right nowI just insert my kg to remember myself which digit I should calculate my own w/kg?

It would be nice to see the power chart for every workout with accurate power and w/kg. The same for the personal record stats. If I remeber rightly you where able to do that for a couple of years ago?

If you go on your Career page, it’s at the top right


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Hmm… How did I missed that :roll_eyes:

Here is one more user who is requesting this feature be moved up the priority list…:wink:


Can you give an update of when you expect to release weight history feature in the upcoming podcast?

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That sounds great, but please suck in the data from my Garmin scales (via Garmin connect) . Whole reason I purchased them was to automate weight entry into my profile.

…and Withings too please :wink:


Creating a watts/kg chart that tracks and records your weight via manual entry and smart scale connectivity is something that we do intend to do, but it is currently a lower priority than some other major projects that we are tackling.

We are in the middle of a full app overhaul that will make developing new features in the future much easier, but sadly it is a time-consuming process. We have now released the new desktop applications, and we are now hard at work on the mobile applications.

As we complete major projects such as the app overhaul and development resources free up, we will have more bandwidth for these types of features. But sadly, their development is a ways off for now. It is still a planned feature, but we don’t have eyes on it quite yet.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :pensive:.


Hi @Bryce,

Thanks for the update on the status of this feature request. I have a usability question that aligns with this feature. I step on the scale each morning roughly at the same time and typically speaking, my weight can fluctuate a few pounds +/-. For the sake of accuracy / clean data, should I manually update my weight in my TR profile each day prior to a workout?

For context, I have a Garmin 1030 head unit and I use the Garmin Index scale so things sync across and get tracked for me very cleanly in Garmin’s ecosystem.


Yes, I do like the fact that when I weigh myself every morning, my Garmin head unit has the correct weight updated from my scales.

The thing with this feature request, I’m sure it isn’t a big job. We sync stuff both ways between Garmin and Trainer road. It’s one variable/field/value. I’m sure I could code it in an afternoon, just update profile weight. I’m not asking for w/kg history etc. Yes that would take longer to integrate and will be appreciated. To me there is little point in the weight field on Trainerroad, how often do we update it manually? Get rid of it or make it easy for users to update regurlary.

Maybe Garmin will only provide access to this variable at a cost, maybe for the price of a Sauna?

At the moment, your weight is not tracked from day to day, so updating according to daily fluctuations has little value. Those fluctuations will not impact your training, so I would not spend time changing it before every workout.

If you are in a weight loss phase, and want to see how your weight loss is effecting your w/kg, perhaps update your weight once per week to minimize the “noise” and help you more accurately track your progress :+1:.


Hey @Bryce - makes total sense. I really do appreciate you taking the time to reply here. Perhaps this is better suited for a different topic/thread, but I had a follow-on question that’s somewhat in the same vein. Since Garmin is syncing my weight, it asks me to update my FTP and other performance metrics after about every ride (I assume this is b/c my weight fluctuates and my power output differs each ride). Should I simply not update this each ride and only make updates to my FTP when I perform a RAMP test or other FTP test?