Wattbike Atom ERG mode problem

Hi Ivy, I thought they were specifically supplying a bike for you guys to work with them on this…this would make sense for them rather than you having to wait 5 months like everyone else!?

Anyhow, unfortunately the update only slightly helps on the erg issues and the main spikes are still there and there is clearly more work to do on that front from them. :pensive:


I would like to know if the other options on the market (ie; Stages SB20, Wahoo Kickr Bike) suffer from the same issue with ERG power fluctuations?

Maybe we are expecting smart bikes to do the impossible by changing resistance continuously whilst fighting against the riders power output so that the line on the graph is perfect?

I own a NG Atom and find intervals under 30 seconds a bit pointless unless I keep my power going through the pedals very smooth and consistent. There is a knack to it as you have to jump on the power just before the interval starts so that the bike has less adjustments to do, this is a lot easier to do at the beginning of a workout but not so much towards the end when you are hanging on for dear life!

On a positive note the resale figures for a NG Atom are crazy high at this point in time, I could move mine on for the cost of a brand new Stages SB20 or by adding a couple of hundred quid get a brand new Kickr Bike.

The Wattbike is a great bit of kit in my opinion, but I have nothing to compare it against.

The DC rainmaker review tells all about the erg issues and how it compares with how other trainers cope with changes and what to expect.

Yeah resales are crazy, I will have the space in a couple of months to accommodate a bike on trainer and if the sale prices are still that high I would sell my Atom all day long and go for a kickr/tacx neo2 but at the moment space is limited and the wattbike fits.

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Really close to pulling the trigger on a Wattbike Atom Next Generation. Have there been any more updates on the ERG issue?

The most recent update has improved things slightly, each update seems to be making things a little better. 30 second or under intervals are still a bit hit or miss but apart from that ERG works perfectly fine for me.

With EGR mode switched off the bike runs like a dream, resistance changes are instant both with gear and terrain changes and connection is solid on my ipad. I dont race on Zwift but if I did I cant think of any area that would need improvement.

Steering functionality has partially been added for Zwift, the bike will now connect to Zwift steering but at this point in time we are still waiting for Wattbike to release an update to assign what buttons do the turning, I would expect the hood buttons to do the job.

A big thumbs up from me.


Hey, just scanning through this thread after I started using a new Wattbike AtomX. I was disappointed the erg mode isn’t accurate… I find it’s 18/20 watts too rich for the effort. I used assioma pedals to compare…

Using the gears and assiomas was within 1 or 2 watts.

I was on zwift once but I didn’t feeling the change in terrain. I didn’t have too much time to get into it. Had all my settings correct. Wondering did anyone else notice this?

It would be cool if trainer road could be loaded directly on the Wattbike screen.

The actual watts when riding are jumpy on the Wattbike. A smoothing of 5 secs would be better.

Any further update on this. TR is the app I mainly use and considering a wattbike atom v2 now the lead times have come down a little. But this ERG mode issue would likely annoy the hell out of me as my kickr snap tracks nicely right now.

Wattbike have been releasing quite regular updates all year. The latest one last week has dramatically improved erg mode in the one TR workout I did this week but I’d need to do more to be sure.

With the regular updates I’m confident this is a continually improving product with great service/support built around it (in the UK anyway)

Anyhow…this is how the above mentioned workout looked.


Note the jumpy power near the start is me doing single leg drills and during the sweet spot intervals I was doing some cadence drills and the transitions really felt smoother

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That looks much better! Temped to place an order if that’s representative of current ERG mode performance.

That looks incredible. I have seen nothing close on my rides so will give it a try again.

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I should fit in another ride again today and try to remember to report back in here.

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I did the same workout on my Kickr Snap - it looks like the WB is still some way off this!

@Tom_Gurden - I forget to do the ILT drills at the start - otherwise I am sure that section would have been all over the place. Also, I am no where near your level in terms of FTP, but I’m not sure that would effect the “smoothness” of the trace in ERG mode.

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Hi, it looks as though you have some kind of smoothing on? I think there is a setting somewhere in the wahoo system?
I’m not sure what to expect in terms of fluctuations in erg mode but I believe that all trainers have to have them…it’s just how quickly they react and then settle. Yours seems to be flat lined all the way.

I’m not sure FTP really has any effect but I am comparing like for like to similar workouts at a very similar FTP.

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This evenings rolling sweetspot workout and I can report much the same. It was a little bit ‘choppier’ this time but I think that’s more to do with me not feeling as strong/smooth and shifting about a bit/changing cadences and my watts might jump or drop by 20 or so but then quickly settle again.

I’m not sure it makes any diff in the graph views here but I have my power smoothing in TR set to 0 seconds.

All in all I think it’s improved a ton from.when I first received it 5 months ago!

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Doesn’t seem any worse than my kickr v5 :+1:

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Thanks @Tom_Gurden I knew nothing about power smoothing and thanks to a couple of threads on here I am now informed. Appreciate this doesn’t really do anything to the workout itself just the display and graph aesthetics. Going to try turning it off on the kickr just for fun. Thanks for the insight.

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Well that’s a bit of a difference! Power Smoothing turned off on the Kickr Snap and TR smoothing reduced from 5 seconds to 3! Think I need to work on my form at little!

I am really interested in this thread. I have just done Joe Devel and my v1 Atom doesn’t react fast enough. I don’t often do these sort of workouts. I tend to do more Gran Fondo sessions, but got a bit bored so changed to Rolling Road Race. I really would like to upgrade to a v2

Still have problems with it, this was one of mine this week. Cadence changes seem to throw it out a lot and when resistance is stepping up if you pedal faster initially (which I often tend to do) it can spike 20 or 30 watts over which is then followed by a massive over correction. In general my average watts for the intervals get pretty close to the target but are often a bit under. On balance if I had researched better in advance I’d have spent a bit more and bought the kckr bike but I have got used to it and figure it’s probably not a lot more in accurate than if I was riding outside or not in erg mode