Wattage vs Cadence


I am new to TrainerRoad and I did the ramp test and my power was 138.

Now I found it little difficult as I am not yet used to 3.5 h a week and I tried to shorten that to 2h45 using the variant workouts

when I am doing the the workouts it askw me to be at 90rpm while I can barely do 70 at 128 power.
is my power not accurate and it is lower than that or should I continue the workout and ignore the cadence for now?
Thank you

I would just do the workouts and do your best with the cadence. If it says 90rpm and you feel stuck at 70 then try for 75 or 80 if you can. The cadence will come with the neuro-muscular adaptations you will develop.


Great Thanks

I completely agree with what has been stated earlier.
Just go with self selected cadence, most important is to achieve the target power - not really important how you get there given you seem to be a beginner .

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Agree with AJS914, eduardo23.
It is definitely not a problem with your power readings or your power.

Way back then I also had a cadence of ~70. This changed over time without me worrying too much about actively forcing a change.

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Also, some of the workouts have cadence drills - follow them! It’s normally raising it about 5 rpm, for a defined period and then going back to self selected. “Pettit” and “whorl” off the top of my head.

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Thank you all this is very much helpful