Water Bottle Cage Washer

Just bought two new cages but they didnt include any washers. Do you use washers with your bottle cages?

Nope. I do grease the threads a bit though.


Not trying to be a smart alek but I thought: why would someone need something special to wash bottle cages? Just use the brush or sponge.

No, I did not use washers on any of my cages. Nothing on the threads either. 1 came loose after years of being rattled around on the dirt trails. Just tighten up and go.


Thanks for the replies… My main concern was scratching the frame overtime from constant vibrations.

I thought the same. To be fair… They can be hard to get clean. I use a semi-stiff brush and a magic eraser to get it done.

As for washers…never used them. Never had one come loose.

What are you worried about getting scratched? Most (all?) cages only touch the frame around the bolt holes.

LOL thought the same. Washed my bike after sunset and it was cold and I had to work fast. Ended up sticking a sponge into both cages and thought “there has to be a better way” so this thread title sparked my interest. Like the brush I use to clean water bottles.