Warts on gravel frame

I just got my new gravel bike and the only thing I don’t love is the look of the prominent bolts on the fork and top tube , has anyone found a solution to make them less unsightly??

Button head bolts or rubber plugs. https://betterbolts.com/collections/all/bike-part_water-bottle-cage


Electrical tape?

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That’s. A lot of tape (8 bolts) and I would worry that water would leak into the frame

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I use this for 1x cable routing holes
Amazon.com : moldable glue

These also exist
Amazon.com : Jagwire Unisex_Adult Plug Refill Bag-Close Type (6 to 6,3mm Frame) Spare Parts, Black, One Size : Sports & Outdoors

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do you know if those plugs the proper size for the bolts used for cages/ pages or are they for the cable routing ports?

that glue looks good…but wondering if i could remove it, if i later wanted to put some bags on the frame.

Should I click on that “unisex adult plug” link?

My 3T has the pancake head head bolts on the top tube. Nice enough finish to stare at forever. Tightened and greased you’ll never have water ingress. But I wouldn’t worry about that much with a plug either.


I mean, warts?

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They sell a variety pack. If you’re still not sure, just get the bigger size and push really hard.


These work well: Amazon.com

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Those beat the hell out of electrical tape!


Just ordered those. I’ll let you know