Warmup on workouts

Does TR have any warmup workouts that’s just for warming up before a ride? If so, what are they?

Clyde, Davis, and Rodgers.
All three are 20 minute warmups.



Check out the LSCT Warmup.

I made a few a long time ago that I published.
15 Minute Warm Up
Quick Warm Up

Unfortunately, you can’t share workouts with simple links. They need to be added to a team and people can access them if they are members of that team.

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Weird…I thought some friends of mine were able to use them.

Not as far as I’m aware. We had to make a team to share the custom Disaster versions.

That might have been to protect the users, making sure they knew what they were getting into :wink:

The warmup ride worked out well before doing the Zwift Tour of Watopia ride today. I will keep them in my arsenal for other events too.

Could TR add a feat of extending Warmup to the beginning of the ride (a kind of reverse “extend end of ride” feature?

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It is there, at least in the app

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Already in place. They were both added at the same time.

Great thanks for this - figured it out!