Want comfortable road bike!

Trying to find the best comfort road bike? I’m not looking for a race bike, but instead a bike I can ride for long distances with friends etc. My height is about 5’6". Can you suggest to me the best comfortable road bike?

Too many to list.

Advice: do a bit of google searching for endurance oriented road bikes. Find a couple in your budget, and available by either a local bike shop or an online purchase….and then…

Spend the money on a professional bike fit. Don’t skimp on this part, it’s the most important.

Good luck!


Agree with the above poster. Additionally, if you look for geometry bike companies call “endurance” then that generally has a more slack/less aggressive position meant for better comfort. That said, most important is to get a good fit.

Dear Oblewis, Thanks for your suggestions. I searched on google and found some blog about comfortable bikes. Can you recommend me which bike will be perfect for me?


  1. https://www.amazon.com/Royce-Union-21-Speed-Aluminum-Metallic/dp/B07CCZXBJN/
    3.> Gearbikesreview


Agree with this.

I’d also add that running wider tires at lower pressures also helps take out the “road buzz” which can be fatiguing and uncomfortable as distances increase. Look for a bike that will comfortably run 30-32mm wide tires.

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Came here to say just this. The same roads feel so much smoother on my 32s than on my 28s and on the longer rides there’s much less upper body fatigue.

These are not road bikes.


I’ve never heard anyone complain about their Giant Defy’s.

The budget endurance road bike market has been cannibalized by gravel bikes, and probably for good reason. Tires really drive comfort, bigger tires = more comfy.


Whats your budget? Where do you live? Do you have access to a bike shop (Walmart does not count)? Do you ride now? What do you consider long distances? The Amazon links you provided are not road bikes, fyi.

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My buddy just picked up a new Cervelo Soloist and he loves it! He had a Scott Foil and was tired of the harsh feedback and race style position for that aero bike. Could be an option to look at for you. Good luck!

Trek Domane solid option.


Peter Weigle Randonneur on 700x38c

The most comfortable road bike I’ve ever been on is the Specialized Roubaix.

The FutureShock really takes out all the buzz, lots of flex in seat post as well.

Also, pretty forgiving geometry :slight_smile:


As said above, 32mm tyres totally trump any other aspect. Find a riding position that feels nicely balanced between all your contact points. This takes a while so keep adjusting until the bike feels like home.

Fuji Gran Fondo 1.3, somewhat drab looking but just as comfortable, very similarly identically specced . I wanted to get the Spesh but no stocks where I am.

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Don’t buy a bike on Amazon. I’ve never heard of any of the bike brands in the links you’ve provided. Appears you’re in the market for a hybrid not a road bike?


I second the Defy. My daily bike is Giant TCR; however, now that my daughter is off to college, I’ve taken her Defy out a few times. Very comfortable ride with tubeless set up and 28mm tires at lower pressure. It’s got me rethinking my decisions.

Have the domane! It’s a great bike with a lot of tire clearance. Being able to fit wider tires is the sole reason why I moved from a rim brake to a dis brake bike. It came with 32c tires but I experimented with 23c, 28, and 35. For the road, I find 28c to be quite good.

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I got a Domane early this year and it’s the most comfortable fast road bike I’ve ever ridden. It’s still not as comfortable as my Surly Midnight Special, which isn’t surprising as those 47mm tires are so plush. But that is a bike that will have a harder time keeping up with friends if they are strong riders and have more spry bikes.