Wahoo Kickr Core, PC with TR, and Wahoo Fitness App sharing the data

Is it possible to have TR on the PC controlling the Core, and, simultaneously, use the Wahoo Fitness App on an Android in some sort of monitor mode? My older phone (cheap) on the bike does not have ANT+, so I can connect to the Core via BT. The PC uses ANT+.
I did not know if there is an option to ‘monitor not control’

Hey Glen,

I’m not sure this would work. You can only pair a trainer as a controllable ERG device once, either via Bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C. The best way this would work is to pair the Core as a trainer to TR via Bluetooth, and then “monitor” the power readings when also paired as an ANT+ power meter elsewhere, but I don’t think this would work out with your current setup.

Why are you looking to “monitor” your KICKR Core?

I am so used to seeing speed and distance. TR does not have it displayed, so I thought I could see it on the Android. Of course, TR logs the speed and distance on Strava AFTER I have completed the workout.

I am training for 5K,10K, 20K senior TT. I was getting close to competitive times around here before I got the Kickr Core…