Wahoo Kickr Climb Issues

On my Second Kickr Climb Warranty Replacement so…
I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with their Kickr Climb.

Recently it seems as if my climb shifted on its drive mechanism resulting in it no longer reaching the maximum incline (stopping short) and attempting to over-exceed the max decline. This is the second time that it has happened to me so I feel like it might be something with my setup.

Currently using Kickr w/ thru axle road bike on semi-dense foam flooring. I checked to make sure my kickr was level after the first one and before every ride lift the “front wheel” to make sure it is properly balanced.


I’d start with confirming all the settings in the Wahoo app. Make sure you have wheel size, wheelbase and such all set properly.

IIRC, and for possible quick reference, the “Flat” position for the axle will be at the place along the slotted opening where you see the partial arc cut. If the “flat” position is there (verify by double-press on the center-lock button) should be around that point for a typical 700c setting.

Aside from that, how are you using it (manual, via TR BLE control, Zwift) that you are seeing lower than max height?

Does it look like it goes to the top when you run it up with manual control?

Before I sent it back I had verified everything w/ a very nice person from Wahoo over the phone. The flat position was coming up about 1.5cm below where it was supposed to be. When manually increasing gradient, it stopped that same 1.5cm below the top of the track and when manually decreasing, it wanted to continue beyond the end of the track.

That sounds like an issue worthy of Wahoo review if not replacement.

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Second time with this issue so I wanted to see if anyone else shared my luck

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Good morning, this morning my kickr climb slipped all the way to the bottom, with a noise that sounds like belts/gear slippage. it will not now move up at all.

Is there a way to replace the belt? or a fix? Has anyone else heard of this?
I have googled - but i do not see any mention of this happening elsewhere?

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Contact Wahoo. They will likely replace it for you. I’ve only seen one or two people rip one open. There is more to it than a typical trainer belt replacement.

Thanks, Wahoo has said contact Bike 24, feels like I am getting the run around to be honest, cant say I am happy with this. Also cant say I am very impressed with the product itself, not even 20 months old and only light/moderate usage, I would of expect a lot better for the $$$ you pay.

Lets see.


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Sadly, I think they made a critical design & part selection error and chose a belt that is not up to the task. They are possibly stuck with the inability to upgrade that belt without more significant impact on the other parts in the system.

It seems they have replaced every instance I’ve seen with the broken belt. My guess is that they do it because the realize their mistake and the associated anger from customers when it happens.

FWIW my 3rd/4th?? Ive lost count Climb unit has been holding up well (knock on wood). My guess is that like the Kickr 18 the product has undergone some small changes behind the scenes to improve the longevity and durability of the product but I could be wrong

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this just happened to me, was it easy to get a replacement?

Depending on response time it’s quite quick. I would suggest sending these items with the ticket:

Proof of purchase
Video of issue and you pressing the remote
Serial number
Mailing information

Should help to expedite the process since they typically take 3 emails gathering information

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I’m waiting for my 2nd wahoo climb to be replaced. Actually I want just my money back. So disappointed :frowning:

Bummer, sorry for that. Mine is collecting dust as I’m a bit nervous to use it despite sliding the sides open to inspect the belt the best I can.

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Have you tried asking for your money back? If you bought direct from wahoo they might as they would have offered me that option on a kickr ‘18 if I’d bought direct.

I bought through bikester. I shouted “show me the money” in couple of emails but no response. Apparently wahoo is sending me 3rd unit and I’m really wondering what to do.
I’m wondering - has anybody tweaked the whole thing and put a proper belt inside???

I get so frustrated for Kickr Climb owners when I see these posts. The concept of the device is great, but the failure rate on these just from observation is entirely too high. They do a great job from a customer service standpoint in replacing the failed units, however, the failures shouldn’t be occurring so often. The belt failures especially, I am surprised no one has ever gotten injured, but I digress. I would really like them to release a V2 that addresses these clear design issues. It has been a few years now and the feedback is pretty substantial. I am curious as to whether or not they continue to pursue this product line or abandon it in lieu of more immersive smart bikes.
I am not going to pretend that I am an expert on these things, but quite frankly, it should be plug and play. Your setup seems pretty common, It’s like when the iPhone 4s wouldn’t get reception and the response was “you’re holding it wrong.” I wouldn’t indemnify a proper setup like yours at all. If low hanging fruit like weight limits and obstructions to its travel path are non-issues, then it’s not you. I would go for replacement number 3, I know it’s a pain and you think they’ll judge you for what you’re doing “wrong,” but I suspect they have some internal data on this failure that they won’t share with you. They will likely replace it no questions asked.
I hope you get things sorted out and end up with a good working unit! Good luck :slight_smile:

  • None that I have seen. Sadly, it will likely require a pulley and belt change, and I am not sure there is space to increase the sizes enough to correct the issue.

My feeling is the Climb was more of a proof of concept than an actual product line. IMO if it dies it dies. It’s nice during long intervals to shift position and not sweat all over my front wheel

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