Wahoo bolt and dodgy side buttons

Basically the up arrow button (zoom in) has stopped clicking, still works but is harder to press than it should be

I’ve logged a support call with Wahoo - just wondering if anyone has had the same/similar issues and managed to get it sorted. I’m hoping it’s possible to send for repair without breaking the bank.

Go to the google forums and there are wahoo groups there. Many people have had issues with buttons and poor screens. Have not been there in a long time as I returned the bolt.


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Strange you should mention it, the rubber cover over the buttons has just recently come unstuck on my Bolt. Still works ok for the moment, but might have a go with the superglue if that looks feasible without potentially getting the actual buttons stuck…

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that happened to mine as well. repaired under warranty.

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Mine have never clicked very well, pretty mushy mashed potatoes.

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Maybe I can purposefully peel it off to fix up the clicker?


I hope you can get to the CORE of it…

ClickR Core.


Just thought I’d follow up on this thread.
Much to my disappointment Wahoo don’t offer any repair options. They offered however a 40% off crash replacement.

So just going to hold onto the current one for the time being and hopefully the issue doesn’t get any worse. I guess I’ll make use of 40% off and get another one down the track.

Or … maybe a lezyne computer instead.

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