W/kg for long intervals

Is doing a 4x20min at 3.78w/kg (94% FTP) a good sign of strength endurance? and if so should I move to a higher % and do 3x20min. My mind goal is to perform in TT. Thx for advice

You could try kaweah, that’s 5x10 at near FTP with five minute intervals between each

What plan are you following?

That is a strong workout. I am not sure you need to be doing it at that high a level for so long. How accurate is your ftp? It sounds like it could be quite a few watts below what it should be.
My view is to save race like efforts for races.

Thanks for the replies I’m on sustained build mid-volume after ss2 mid-volume. But I switch Juneau-1 for Tray mountain +3. I have Budawang+3 next week which is 5x9min at 102%

Thanks John but I think my FTP is right on target, maybe i’m well train for that’s sort of effort. I’ve always think that training should be very hard to be prepare for much more harder race effort

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