Vo2 session - shorter or longer intervals for best adaptation

TR AI keeps giving me 30/30s or 1min Vo2 sessions vs something like a 2x6 or 3x4.

Assuming the total time @ Vo2 is the same, is there a difference in the adaptation? I can knock out 30/30s
and 60/60s on and on and on (i can recover pretty quickly), but a handful of 3min @ 115-120% is a challenge. Will i see more of a Vo2Max adaptation doing these longer intervals that are difficult for me or does it really matter, as long as the total time @ Vo2 is the same?

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I don’t know about the science, but from experience I am similar to you. 30/30 is easier for me than a 3-5min interval repeating. I used to do 30/30s all the time and decided to focus on longer intervals last year. Unsurprisingly, by doing longer intervals, I got better at longer intervals (they felt easier)! At the same time, I kept just as good at 30/30s. It personally think the longer intervals are better for adaptation, but also take more out of you. So the trade off is that you get more benefit but also at a higher (recovery) cost.
Note: I did 30/30s at around 150% ftp and longer at 110-120%, so intensity wasn’t apples to apples. Doing 30/30 at 110-120% wouldn’t get me nearly the same benefit bc it’s too easy IMO.

I’m interested in what others have to say bc I wonder about this as well.

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This subject has been covered in at least a few existing topics. Here is the first one that seems worth a look.

I am likely to merge this new post into that one or another that relates vs having another separate topic on the some subject.


thanks @mcneese.chad, sorry for duplicating

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