VO2 115% 2min30s interval - out of saddle

This is all great info - Thank you! Are there TR workouts you’d recommend to improve 3-minute max power using the protocol you outlined? I’d like to do those outdoors.

Try Ericsson, where you are encouraged to hit some of the intervals at higher than usual cadence.

Ericsson is below threshold. According to @kurt.braeckel, I’m looking for over threshold with long rests.

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There’s nothing targeting 3 min max power because that specific number has limited utility. If I built one, it’d look like Charing or Detling, except with three minute intervals and longer recoveries. 9 to 15 min between them to allow for full recovery, and I’d tell you to fuel up sugar.

In practical terms, because a 3 minute effort becomes largely aerobic, if you raise your MAP, it’ll raise your max possible 3min power too in kinda the same manner that sweet spot work raises FTP. So anything like Spencer +2 and Kaiser type workouts will get you close. And again the best way to make those repeated efforts primarily aerobic is to perform them at a higher cadence.

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So, I’ve got Dade +5 coming up as my VO2Max next week. You’re saying I am better off doing it inside at a higher cadence vs outside, with a cadence that eventually lowers and requires OOS, to maximize adaptation, correct?

Workout Creator. :+1:

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In my opinion, yes. Aim for a high cadence for you, say 95-100, and sustain that as long as you can.

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did yesterday Elephants +5… and played with power vs rpm… started grinding… (80rpm) with higher power… and legs got wasted… it made follow efforts harder… reduced power and placed higher rpm…(90)… it worked fine… i have little experiencie…did some in June around 100rpm… but my legs got so much tension… i think i found the idea… about my 2-3min V02 WO, i will try them in slope mode…and see where my power sits… i think my ftp is like 90-95% of V02…so 120% ftp for me is way of… as always…every person is diferrent…we cant use the same WO for everybody…

I don’t think I’d classify Elephants +5 as true VO2max work. 7 min at 105% is more like threshold, and that’s how I would approach that workout - self selected cadence, focus on your breathing and just survive. I wouldn’t equate what we are talking about in this thread with that specific workout, and I wouldn’t judge your FTP as relates to max aerobic power off of that kind of work.