Virtual Half-Everesting, "Basecamp RAID" - First Weekend in May 2020

  • FYI, the guys behind all the Everesting and Virtual Everesting are hosting an official Virtual Half-Everesting Weekend.

There’s a new 4424m Everesting badge to be collected… so we figured that in typical Hells 500 fashion the best way to do that is to pull together our crew, and hit Zwift with a Basecamp RAID!

Ride solo but in solidarity with our kick-ass crew from around the globe as we raid Zwift in search of a little digital badge! What other reason would you need?!

  • I am tentatively planning to ride it and just lucked out into having the day and time free (I think… if I am looking at their info and the date/time converters correctly.
  1. Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

  2. Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click

Here is the full height calculator if you want to run some numbers (Just cut the time and such in half).

And the related Alpe du Zwift segment for the Option #1, that I plan to try (direct drive trainer).

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Very cool. I’ve been thinking about doing a half vEveresting just for myself as I didn’t realize it was actually a thing. I might have to give that a go on the 2nd.

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