Video - Breakdown of Into the Lions Den

FYI - from Veagan Cyclist.

A few notes of interest:

  • Riders didn’t have bibs, they were given a jersey number with the name on the back (like most pro-sports)
  • Multiple Preems with some bigger payouts (I think the second to last preem was worth $4000) seemed to keep the racing hot.
    -Teams could bring a sort of “Dream Team,” they could add other riders for this event.
    -Features interview with Justin Williams halfway through

The pro men averaged 30+ mph for 70 minutes. For reference the amateur open 1/2/3 field did 28+ mph for 50 minutes. The pro women did just under 27mph for 70 minutes.


Wasnt one of the women’s events mixed in with the amature field or something like that?

There were 3 races, pro men, pro women, and the amateur open which included women.