Vertical play in SPD pedals

I have these Look XTrack Race pedals. They’re about 4 years old and they are giving me some vertical play between the cleat and the pedal on both sides. I.e., my foot moves up and down a little as I go around the pedal stroke.

No play with the same shoes/cleats in my Shimano XT pedals.

Is the solution to replace the pedals’ bindings with something like this?

Is there any wear on the bottom of your shoe?

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That happens to me on XT and XTR SPDs when the treads on my shoes wear too much.


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No wear on shoes, I’m using brand new VR90s. As I said, the play doesn’t occur on my other pedals (XTs).

Are you using the cleats that were included with the Looks, or existing cleats from the XTs?

Looks cleats, but I tested with Shimano cleats and got the same results.

take a pic of the pedals

Sorry for the delay!