Variance between Assioma Favero & Elite TUO power

I am using an Elite TUO indoor trainer, and recently bought Assioma Favero pedals to also have a power meter for outdoor rides. Out of curiousity I checked the difference in power while doing a training on TrainerRoad. The pedals report a consistent 30 watts lower than the power of Elite TUO.

I did a calibration of the TUO before the ride, as well as a 0 offset for the pedals.

Is this to be expected, or not? I would have expected some difference but a consistent 30 watts seems odd.

  • Not sure on the Tuo, but most often it is recommended to calibrate a trainer after it is warmed up, around 10 minutes or so. Doing it “cold” can lead to different results.

  • Outside of that, welcome to the world of mismatched power data. You will see identical thread between any mix of trainers and power meters throughout the forum. There are a host of possible reasons.

  • In particular, if you are using a single-sided power meter (you didn’t specify Uno or Duo), you can get different data purely from unequal power since a single will double the data from one leg. It all gets more confusing from there.

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Thanks for the quick response. I have the duo pedals.

But I did the calibration before warm up so that might be a reason. I will try calibrating it after a proper warm up and see if it makes a difference!

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With wheel on, make certain you have followed the manufacturer setup for tire pressure and roller pressure as well.

Edit to add, I found an article to check, if you haven’t seen and followed it already:

This covers important steps, including the 10 minute warm up I guessed at, as well as a full reset of tire & roller engagement after the warm up, before the actual calibration. So follow that precisely.


It’s also helpful to look at L/R balance, that will tell you if one pedal is way off. The pedals are two completely independent power meters, so if they track well together that is a good sign.

I matched the suggested 7.5 bar and other points, did the calibration after riding 10 min. The power reading is now almost matching between pedals and TUO… thx a lot!


Checked this too, it is not a perfect balance for me but I think nothing out of the ordinary (48-50). Seems like I just missed some of the pointsto set up the TUO correctly for the most accurate readings… it’s much closer now.

Sorry, but I don’t think you can ever treat wheel-on trainers seriously.
They can be ok-ish for casual training/zwifting etc. but since you have faveros, one of the better PMs out there, I’m not sure why you would even consider power from this type of a trainer.

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I understand what you mean. Was just keen on understanding where the big difference might come from.

To be honest, the Elite TUO seems to do a very decent job for a wheel on trainer as the power readings (after I followed up on the tips given by Chad) are very close between trainer & pedals.

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