Van for Cycling Events/ Traveling with Bikes

Hi there, TR Forum.
I am currently in the planning phase of a Van, that I will use for carrying bikes around Europe, since basically any non-work travel I have done in the past few years included carrying several bikes. I have now had it with doing that in my car. Having the bikes on a trailer means all the bikes are exposed the whole time and I just don‘t have enough space for bikes in my trunk.
Also, when I travel to events, I usually need quite a lot of stuff, including tools, spares, a turbo trainer etc.
That lead me to the idea of building up a Van, that I can use to carry around all my stuff, that I can use as a HQ for events and bike travel, and that I can sleep in, in case it is necessary.

I have seen several people building up Vans for cycling on the internet, some that I liked, others that I didn’t like.
I will share my current plans here and the process of building it up in this thread, but also want you to share your ideas, maybe existing/ planned similar projects, and other input.
Looking forward to what you have to say.

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Yes, cheers!

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