Cycle Trailer Recommendations

Hi… I am looking at cycle trailers for our little human, at the moment the Burley Minnow seems to tick all the right boxes but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this or others they would recommend.

Also at what age did you start putting your person in one and what are they like to ride with on a road bike?

Thanks for any advice!

I bought a Croozer trailer and have been very impressed with it. It doesn’t have any suspension, but this hasn’t been an issue on road or gravel tracks. It’s very light, can be easily converted into a stroller/jogger, and easily attaches to the bike. I haven’t used it with a road bike, only a hardtail mountain bike. I don’t know if you can get attachments for non-QR axles, and I think I’d be a little wary of the stress it could put on a carbon frame (although this is probably in my head). If memory serves me correctly, we started using it when our son was around 15 months old but we could have started earlier if we’d bought an infant sling. We’ve only got a single-seater, but it’s still pretty large when folded and with wheels removed, and can be a bit of a pain to try and fit in with other luggage when going on holiday.

I went with the Burley Bee. I wish I had paid more and gotten one with a wheel lock as the trailer has rolled away with my bike attached when it (the bike) was leaned against my car. Also would make loading in the wind way more easy. Also my kiddo rides solo and so being able to move the seat belts so that he would be in the middle instead of the side is another feature I wish I had paid for. I started riding with my son when he was 15-16 months. He didnt like it though until he was closer to two. I got this attachment which works way better than the one my bike trailer came with (although it did bend my QR…)

Edit: When my son started liking the trailer he could sit in there all day. I pack plenty of snacks, toys, and books and stop occasionally to get new ones out of the trunk. He takes really good naps in there too.