Using a head unit, smart trainer and PM

Hey all, I’m not sure if my solution is possible but hoping the wider brains trust has something.

My new device isn’t Ant+ native. So my dual sided stages will only pair an individual side over Bluetooth to the TR app.

I do have a Garmin 520 which can connect to and control the trainer.

So the question is: can I control the trainer via my Garmin, but use my PM for power rather than the smart trainer?

Alternatively if there’s a way for my android device to read dual PMs over Bluetooth that would be perfect.

I don’t have a stages PM but my assioma duos i can set to use over a single channel so that the head unit only commicate to iirc the left pedal

Is there an ant+ dongle for your device?

This is all super specific depending upon the make and models of your devices, and support will have the best recommendation based upon what you’re working with!

From the ‘Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum’ Page:
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